Saturday, May 30, 2009

City Wide Rummage Today!

Okay, so we had a city wide rummage sale off I went...I got to about 55 of the 80+ sales. I spent $82.00 total...but I got so much, including a beautiful new office desk!!! I am very happy to have only spent $30.00!! :) So, $52.00 was spent on this list, that includes 3 gifts and one thing I will resell in my upcoming rummage....

I picked up:
3 Leapster Video Games (these retail for $19 to $24 dollars each!!!)
PlayStation Game Console with 4 controllers and 15 games ( the games alone would have cost WAY more than the $52.00 I spent on everything!)
Leapter TV Game System (this came with the 3 Leapster Games, we will resell this at our rummage for $5.00, thus making the 3 leapster games for a great deal!)
1 skateboard scooter
Computer Games for my DH
3 matchbox cars
4 really cool toy trucks..three of them are semi trucks that have working lights, engine sounds, etc. One has 2 racecars inside that come out and you can play with, one has a motorcycle and hummer that you can take out and play with, one had a helicopter, and one had a space shuttle with satillite launch. So, my son is in "heaven"!!
Garden hoe (from a free box)
Yard Weeding Tools (from a free box)
bag of coin wrappers (from a free box)
4 empty CD cases ( free, we will use these for kids games)
package of new envelopes
6 VHS movies
3 DVD movies
3 Dora the Explorers Books
8 cloth napkins
Brand new Princess Stationary Set (Gift for my daughter's birthday)
2 Music CD's for the kids
4 pairs of Girls Jeans
Brand New Connect 4 Game ( we are saving it for the kids as a gift, they have it, but this will replace the one they have played with forever and is well used!)
22 different books, mostly for my kids, a few for me
Toy Collectible: VW Van with Remote control
2 cute pairs of Cat socks for me
Plastic drink pitcher ( you can never have too many of those!)
Star Wars Pencil box
Star Wars Movie Poster Puzzle ( my FIL collects this stuff, so those will be goodies for him!)
Hot Wheels Playing Card set with Tin ( for my kids to play "war")
Wooden 5 X 7 photo frame ( from a free box)
5 very nice leather belts (I have been looking for these for my kids)
Burgendy Sweater ( from a free box)
1 pair of Bid Overalls ( from a free box)
Black Hoodie ( from a free box)
Girls Shorts ( from a free box)
Garden Trowel (from a free box)
Garden purning shears ( from a free box)
4 L Brackets ( my husband will use these in the garage to make shelves/ From a free box)
Beautiful Bird Throw Blanket ( gift for my mom)
Brand new game: U.S.A. by the numbers ( game to teach the states and the capitals! Christmas gift!)
Tupperward Tote with 3 sandwich keeper inserts
Rescue Hero Action Figure : Wendy ( One more for my son's collection!)

So, we figured out how much we bought and it came to 112 items total, if you take the 112 items ( including the desk) and divide it by the money we spent $82.00, it comes to 73 cent each item....and all those items are tax free. Now, granted, I probably wouldn't have paid 73 cents for some of the kids books, but mostly everything else I would have!! So, this was a great fun shopping day!!!

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