Saturday, May 16, 2009

In the mail...and running errands

Yesterday, I got 3 checks in the mail for odd jobs I did. I was able to send $600 to our credit card!! So, my Debt Free Ticker is down to $4,000!! YEAH!!! I started my debt free journey with $52,000 in credit card and medical bills...we are down to the last $4,000!!!

Today, we went errand running. We did stop at 2 rummage sales, because they were on the way. We spent $4.00 total and got a BIG box full of nylon and jersey "looms" for my daughter and a big box full of gift wrap! My daughter is now happily making potholders for everyone for christmas!! :) Gotta love that find!

Also, we went and bought are WI State Park Stickers. For $37.50, we get two stickers (one for each car). These stickers allow us to use all the Start Parks, hiking trails, Swimming, Beaches and Waterways in the state. It also allows my kids to do the Start Park Patch Program. It also allows us to go participate in any of the summer events at the campgrounds; last year we enjoyed a kite flying event, a concert from one of our favorite children's singer, a bike care workshop, a snakes and animals event and many other events...all free with those stickers!! If you live in Wisconsin, this is a great deal! Our local pool charges $5.00 per kid and $8.00 per adult. For our family, going to the pool once, plus taking the kids and I again one more time covers the cost of the entire summer of State Park events!!

The rest of the day is just being home!

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NYDarlene said...

What a great price on the park pass! Our Empire State pass for New York is $65 for one vehicle.

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