Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Tip from a couponing friend

A reader to my blog sent this email to me and I just loved this tip, so I asked her if I could send it on. Jess said sure, so I am sharing it with you! Jess wrote:

Here's a couple of hints that have really helped me make the most of the 10-coupon days! To keep confusion down (mostly on my part), I have three reusable shopping bags in the cart and three envelopes. When I have ten coupon items for one transaction, I put the items and the envelope full of coupons into the shopping bag and move on to the next bag and next ten coupons. When it's time to check out, I just pull out the first bag, put it on the conveyor belt, then the next bag, and the third bag (with the dividers in between). I can unload as the lady/guy rings me out and hand them the correct coupons since everything is together! Obviously if you have big items, you might need two bags but you can loosely knot them together or something. Half the fun of coupon shopping is being organized!

Thanks Jess! I really like this tip!!!

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