Sunday, August 9, 2009

Walgreens stop!

Hey! If you got today's paper, there was a coupon for Bic Pens at Walgreens. The Bic Pens were 50 cents a pack. The coupons is for $1.00 off of 2. I ran to Walgreens and bought 16 packages. ( ANY YES, I LEFT PLENTY for other people to stock up as well!!! I even left a coupon there for someone who spots it!)

What I am going to do with that many pens? 1 bag will go to my office. 3 bags will go to stockpile. 4 bags will be put in the teacher supply gifts I give to the teachers every christmas. I make big baskets full of teacher supplies. Every year the teachers love it! (I can't give teachers things I know they will put in a rummage sale the following year, I would just rather give them things I know can help the classroom.) The rest I am going to look for a local non profit agency that may need office supplies, like the animal shelter or something. I am sure someone would be happy to have them!

How did I get so many coupons? I got the 2 from my newspapers, 2 from the ladies at church, 2 from IP prints and 2 from the Wisconsin State Journal Papers I picked up on the way home.

Great Stockpile deal!


Anonymous said...

Wondering if you have ever had issues with Walgreens. Last week I was basically told that using reg rewards and coupons together was against company policy and then I seen your article and I was very happy to see that I am not the only one that does this, Thank you for making me realize that it is not against company policy for Walgreens and I do nothave to feel bad about shopping there.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great article in the WSJ, you are a frugal inspiration. :)

I'm a newbie and am hoping you can help me out:

1. with your walgreens purchase, could you buy all those in a single transaction (use 8 of the same coupons)? I've never used more than one coupon for multiples of the same item and just wondering what most stores policy is on this.

2. regarding wine tags, is it legit to pull the tag without buying the item it's attached to?

looking for guidance here!! Thanks so much!!

Frugalmommie said...

Okay, it's not against company policy to use both Coupons and RR's. Walgreens looks at RR's the same as a coupon. SO, for example, you have 5 cereal boxes and 5 coupons for cereal, then in order to use the RR's, you would need a filler item. Small items that the RR's would "attach" to. So, I would buy 5 boxes of cereal, use 5 coupons and then find a cheap items ( like a pencil or something on clearance) for each RR. Then the RR's would come off.

Does that help? If not, let me know and I will clarify more.

Frugalmommie said...

Hi Anon,
1. yes, I did it all in one transaction. Typically, they have no problem with it, unless there is a limited quanity or something.

2. I guess that depends on your perspective. I know some people aren't comfortable with pulling wine tags. If the winetag says "with wine purchase" then I would need the wine. If it says "No wine purchase necessary" then it's a coupon to me the same as a tear pad. So, I guess some would say no. I am comfortable with it. Most stores don't care. Remember coupon karma though, don't clear the shelves of winetags, save some for others. I typically take 3. :)

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