Monday, August 17, 2009

Ran for Kmarts Super Doubles and to Walgreens!

First stop: Kmart Super Doubles. The rules are: Spend $25.00 and you can have 10 coupons double up. The coupon limit is $2.00 ( so it doubles to $4.00). Limit 4 coupons of the same item.

I bought

4 Chinet paper plates. $3.55 each, Free after coupon from Sunday Paper
1 Tag Deodorant. $3.50, .50 cents after coupon from Sunday Paper
1 Degree Deodorant. $3.99, .99 cents after coupon from Sunday Paper
1 AXE Shampoo. $4.75, .75 cents after coupon from postcard mailer
3 Pert Shampoo. $2.50, Free after coupon from Sunday Paper
1 box of Rice Krispies, Free after Vocal Point Coupon that I got this week
1 box of Ritz Crackers, Free after coupon I got from a call in to the company
Total: $39.19
Total after coupons: $2.83
And I can send in for the Pert Rebate, so that will send me $2.50 back

Then I stopped at Walgreens. I had some RR's that expired TODAY so I had to get over there!
I got:
2 pack of Hagen Daaz, $2.50. I had $1.00 off coupons from a tear pad
2 Pringles, 2/$4.00, had $1.00 off coupon from the Sunday Paper
6 packs of M&M's, Walgreens Coupon made the 49 cents each and then I had a B2G1F coupon from a tear pad
1 bottle Soft Soap,$3.99 Got a $4.00 RR back
2 packs of Duracell, $2.99, I had a $1.00 off coupon from the Sunday paper
Total was: $21.97
After coupons it was:$9.19
And I got a $4.00 RR back.
As you notice I bought some candy. Again, we don't eat a lot of junk food but we are going up north for a camping trip and it takes 2 hours to get there. In order to keep the kids from begging for stuff at the gas station, I keep these on hand. Also, yes, I bought ice cream and Pringles. The ice cream will be a snack and the Pringles are going camping with us.
Also, today, we picked a big bucket of onions and a big bucket of green beans from the garden. Last night, we had salisbury steak and baked potatoes. The potatoes were also from the garden. :)

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