Thursday, August 20, 2009

BIG Shopping trip!

We haven't done a BIG shopping trip in a long time. Money has been tight with the lay off and we have been eating down our stockpile. Here is what we got today. I believe I can make at least 3 weeks (maybe 4) worth of meals.


3 Salisbury Steaks
3 Chicken Parmagiana
1 bag of English Muffins
2 pints of blueberries!
4 Frozen juice concentrates
4 chuck cheese blocks
1 bag of tortilla chips
1 bag of corn chips
2 bags of bananas
2 packs of bologna
2 cans of speghettios
5 pounds of ground turkey
1 frozen pink lemonade
2 hot dog buns
2 hamburger buns
head of lettuce
3 pounds of butter
2 packs of cheese slices
1 jar of parmesan cheese
6 packs of hot dogs
2 large dozen eggs
2 blocks of cream cheese
5 pounds of baking potatoes
1 12 pack of lemon lime soda
1 12 pack of root beer ( GASP! SODA!!!)
Total: $62.90

1 box of Cinnamon Granola Bars
2 boxes of Velvetta Cheese and shells
1 jar of apple sauce
6 yogurt cups
1 family size yogurt
3 big blocks of Velvetta
2 deodorants
2 carmex lip balms
4 Transformer toys (Christmas Shopping!)
Total after coupons: $22.71


1 Covergirl Blush
1 Nail Polish
1 Tweezers
3 bottles of Dandruff Shampoo
2 Tag Body Sprays
1 Tag Deodorants
1 box of dog biscuits
Total after coupons: $5.37

Kmart Transaction #2:

Box of dog Biscuits
Total after coupons: .16 cents

Kmart Transaction #3:
2 cans of Neutra Air
2 containers of Lysol wipes
1 bottle of Lysol Cleaning solution
1 pack of Cat treats
1 box of dog biscuits
5 Glade Candles ( I Found the TRY ME FREE Candles!!)
1 bottle of fabric softner
2 bottles of bathroom cleaner
4 packs of pudding cups
1 box of cereal
Total after coupons: 3.57

5 4 pound bags of sugar
4 bottles of Nestea
1 bottle of Hot Dog Relish
2 packs of MOtt's Apple sauce
1 bottle of snapple
3 bags of chex mix
3 bottles of BBQ sauce
1 bottle of chocolate milk
8 containers of Mentos Gum
1 loaf of bread
1 bag of bagels
2 boxes of fruit snacks
1.67 pounds of grapes
2 boxes of jello
3 bags of frozen in a bag meals
1 bag of teeth cleaners
1 bag of flossers
3 bags of shredded cheese
4 frozen containers of juice
1.5 pounds of riblets
2.3 pounds of chicken drumsticks
2 pounds of stew beef
1.75 pounds of Pork Steak
3 pounds of rib eye steak
2.5 pounds of Boneless Chuck Steak
Total after coupons: $58.08

Kwik Trip

4 bags of milk
1.4 pounds of bananas

So my total OOP was: $157.61, not too bad.

Here is my menu plan: ( 3 weeks * 7 days = 21 meals)
Yogart with fruit (2 days)
bagels with cream cheese (2 days)
pancakes (4 days)
cereal (6 days)
eggs (4 days)
oatmeal (2 days)
Crepe (2 days)

Lunch: ( kids in school, me at work, we only need 15 lunches)
Hot dogs (4 days)
Speghettios (1 day)
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (3 days)
Honey and Peanut Butter Sandwiches (2 days)
Mac and Cheese (2 days)
riblets (1 day)
Bologna Sandwiches (2 days)

Crock Pot Stew (2 days)
Walking Tacos (2 days)
Bagged Frozen Dinner (2 days)
Pork Steaks (1 day)
Salisbury steak (3 days)
Sloppy Joes (3 days)
Hamburger Helper (2 days)
Chicken Parmesan (3 days)
rib eye steaks (1 day)
Chicken Drumsticks (2 days)
Speghetti (4 days)

Sides with dinner
Green beans ( from garden)
Corn ( from garden)
Small side salad ( from garden)
mixed veggies
Garlic Bread
Apple sauce

Fruit snacks
Cheese and Crackers
Apples ( From friend's garden)
Cinnamon Granola Bars
Pudding cups
Jello Jigglers
Chex Mix
cheese dip with crackers

Kool Aid
Flavored Water
( and a soda ...maybe as a treat!)

So, that gives you an idea of what I do. It took me 2 hours to organize my coupons, and I shopped from 10 am until 2:30pm. But now, I am done with BIG shopping for another 3 to 4 weeks. I will pick up the cheese that is going to be on sale at Walgreens next week, but I don't have any other plans to buy food. I will probably stop by Kmart one more time before double coupons runs out.

As far as storage, which was a question that was brought up to me. I keep 5 shelves in my basement full of stockpile canned and jarred food. Boxed food stays in my cabinets and a pie safe in my kitchen. Health and beauty products are on shelving in the bathroom. Cleaning products are either in 3 different locations depending on the type of product (laundry, bathroom or other). I keep most of my medicine stockpile in a rubber maid under my bathroom sink.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive!


DawnF said...

WTG Angie!!!

what are walking tacos?


Aims said...

you rock! Wish I had a Kmart near by that I could take advantage, and an Aldi's would be great too!!


Frugalmommie said...

Hi Dawn, Walking tacos are made the same way regular tacos are made, except the shell. Instead of the shell, You buy a bag of fritos and open it and put the taco ingredients in with the fritos. You mix the fritos with the taco ingredients and YUMMY! Thus, you can eat them while walking, it's all inside the bag! We buy one big bag of generic corn chips, and put everything on a plate like a salad and eat them that way!

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