Friday, July 24, 2009

Frugal Notes for this week...

Well, a few frugal things happened this week.

First of all, we got our first batch of green beans from the garden. They filled one colander full and another half of one. We have had green beans for dinner 3 days this week. We paid 29 cents for the seeds. :) We also got about 6 beautiful onions out of the garden too! If you can have a garden, it's worth it! We will have tons of onions this summer, we bought a bag of onion bulbs on sale for 99 cents.

Second, we had our rummage sale today, despite the rain and clouds, we had a great sale! We are having it again tomorrow. So, it's as good as today, we will be thrilled!!! I sold a few things from stockpile, but that is fine, my shelves are still fully loaded with items.

Third, Ran to Sentry today. I got package of Underjams (On sale), 8 containers of ice cream ( had the BOGO coupons from Sunday Paper), 4 cans of dog food (Free Coupons from Sunday Paper), package of Diagorno Flat Melt Sandwich (From Freebie offered a while ago), and 2 bottles of Old Orchard Juice ( Free coupons aquired coupon from a coupon trade). Total before coupons: $29.78 before coupons, $9.78 after coupons.

Forth, I found some great tearpad coupons from the Kwik Trip Gas Station when I went and bought 69 cents eggs! I bought 3 dozen and left with about 6 tear pad coupons. I will save those for my trip to Logli's.

Fifth, I talked to the newspaper writer and the article in the WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL will be published on Aug. 9th. I will keep everyone posted.

Sixth, we counted all our coke points collected from the Relay for Life walk my kids did. It was enough to get another coupon for our Six Flags Trip!! YEAH!!

So, that is the frugal notes for this week. I have been busy working and happy to report that I got my car back. The car guy was nice enough not to charge us the second time around! He said he was happy to just find what was wrong with it and not have to buy any parts for it! I was thrilled! WOO HOO!

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