Monday, July 20, 2009

Back To School!

OK, the kids don't go back until September, but the stores are starting there back to school sales now.

Walmart has this sale from 7/26 to 8/1
· Crayola crayons 24 ct, Elmer’s glue, Elmer’s glue sticks 2pk for 25 cents.
· Spiral notebooks 70 sheet, 2 pocket folders (w or w/o prongs) for 15 cents.
· Mead 3 ring binder folders, Trapper Keeper spiral notebooks for .50 cents.
· Crayola clr pencils, Crayola markers, Bic Crystal pens 10pk, Dixon pencils 24pk for $1.
· Bic mechanical pencils 10 pk, Expo 2 pk for $1.50
· Avery 1” binder for $2.
· Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator (TI 30Xa) $9.
. Purell 8 oz for $2.
· Ziploc bags for $2.
· Puffs pk box of tissues (108 per box) for $3.24.

Walgreens has this week
* folders 9 cents
* Pencils 9 cents
* Highlighters 9 cents
* Papermate 10 pack of pens or mechanical pencils 19 cents
* Plastic school boxes 49 cents
* Crayola Colored pencils 99 cents
* School Glue 39 cents
* Plastic binder 39 cents
* Eraser 2 pk 29 cents
Also Pilot G2 Pens are Free after RR. Some of the 9 cents items you may want to stockpile.

Shopko ( starts July 23rd. they also have a $10 off coupon if you spend $50 on their home mailer. That may help you if you plan on buying alot and need alot of supplies)
* 10 cents notebooks and folders ( solid colors, Limit 18 of each)
* 20 cents 24 pack crayons (Limit 4)
* 20 cents glue (Limit 4)
* 50 cents school box (Limit 4)
* 50 cents composition book (Limit 6)
* 50 cents 150 count filler paper (Limit 6)
* 99 cents Crayola Markers (thin and thick) (Limit 2)
* 99 cents Crayola Water Color ( Maybe not needed for school, but great for home learning! Limit 2)
* 99 cents kids scissors
* 99 cents Crayola Colored Pencils (Limit 2)

I have finished my school shopping for fall. I had everything needed in my stockpile. So, now, I will pick up the loss leader sales or wait until after school starts clearance sales to pick up more glue, folders, etc to use for future years. My child's school gives you a list so you can see what is on each grades supply list (My list has 3rd, 4th and 5th) so I can get an idea of my kids upcoming needs. By doing this, I save money with all the sales.

Another tip, don't buy the "theme" notebooks and folders. Those cost WAY more then regular folders! Instead, if you child insists on having those, find stickers she/he may already have and decorate the folder themselves.

When you buy these items, not only think about what the school supply list says, but think about the rest of the school year. Does your child use up crayons quickly? Maybe buy an extra box, so you don't have to overpay mid year. You may also want to consider your kids other events. Do they need supplies for their scout troop? Do you do crafts as a family and the watercolors or markers be an added supply? You may not need the water colors or colored pencils right away, but they don't "go bad" and you can stockpile those items the same way you stockpile canned goods.

Also, I don't buy "back to school" clothes. I think that is a big waste of money. You can use the clothes your kids have or maybe pick up so clothes back in spring on the clearance racks to plan for back to school. The "back to school" clothes sales are never that good and cost the families more than it's worth. Save your money and figure out what your child has that they can already wear.

Now, back to summer fun!!!

Stay Frugal!!

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