Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catching up and Murphy moving in....

It's the 18th of July....I am really behind! I haven't worked on my coupon binder in 2 weeks! (One week was family trip and the other week was my trip for professional development!) So, I am really behind. So, I am hoping this week I can catch up!

And then Murphy moved in! (Have you ever heard that before?). Murphy is the "thing" that moves in to makes choas! First, I spent some money on my trip (ON the credit card) I figured no big deal, we have been keeping up with our expenses and I wanted to get everyone a souvenir. HAHAHA! Come back from my trip to find my car engine light goes on. I have $400 in repairs; just to have the engine light go on again last night!!! So, I have to wait until Monday to get it looked at again!

Then I find out in order to qualify for a mentorship program I am trying to get involved with, I had to pay $375 for the national test which I had in applied for but had waited on processing. So, I paid for that. So, now souvenirs, car repairs, national test, and baggage fees. I had $40 in charges to ship my bags on the airplane. So, add that $40.00...that brings me up to $1,000 in credit card charges. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo mad!! That is in less than 3 weeks!! Thankfully, I have the money in my emergency fund and we can use that money, so no interest will grown in the credit card, but UGH!!! I blame myself completely for the souvenirs. But the car problems and the testing expenses were unplanned.

I am glad I keep notes here. Someday I can look back on this and say,"YEAH! glad that is over!!".

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