Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Good Finds!

I went to Walmart this morning to use some coupons, but after price checking, I learned that it's cheaper to go to the Super Walmart close to where I work. SO, I am going to wait and go Monday. BUT, my trip wasn't a total loss, I have been hearing on other frugal boards that Leap Frog's Dijis are on clearance. My kids have the Leapfrog's Leapsters and love them, and my daughter is getting older so I thought this would be good as a gift. I had a coupon for $10.00 off a didj system, so I went and took a look. They had the game machine but not the games. The price on the shelf was $54.00, I didn't really want to pay $44 (price with my coupon) so I thought I would just skip it, but for some reason, I decided to scan it at one of those price scanners and I am SO Happy I did! It scanned at $29.99!! So, after coupons I paid $19.99! I don't have any games for it yet, but her birthday isn't until Oct.,so I have plenty of time to look for games. Between coupon, rummage sales or ebates, I am sure I will come up with something! Yeah!! Originally, the machine costs $89.99! I am thrilled to have something so nice to give her for her birthday in fall!

Then my husband said,"I'm going to town to get chicken wire for the garden." So, I quickly grabbed a few coupons and said,"I'm going with you". ( so much for waiting til Monday!!)

We stopped at

I didn't find everything I had coupons for but here is what I got:
1 pack of Huggies Wipes
4 bags of Halls Cough Drops
1 box of 10 Diego Bandaids
2 ALL YOU Magazines
Total: 12.37
After coupons: 6.05

Then We stopped at Target:

I was able to find:
6 packs of gum
2 boxes of cracker snacks
1 burt bee's lip balm
1 roll of renyold's wrap
1 bottle of Cascade Rinse
Total: $16.04
Total after coupons:$3.01
And I am sending in for the Renyold's wrap rebate, so that should be $2.50 back.

Then we went to Menards for the chicken wire:
At Menards:

2 rolls of chicken wire for garden
2 Chalk stamper playsets
2 money counter coin machines
1 pack of fuses for the car

Total: 37.06
I will be getting $20.00 back in refunds. So I can put those items away as gifts for kids.

Not a bad short trip. :)


sunflower56 said...

Thanks for all the updates. I am learning very much from them!! Keep up the great job!

sunflower56 said...

Thanks for the great job and all the info. I sure am learning alot on how to save money.Thanks again!!

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