Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frugal Day and Shopping on Easter

Okay, It's Easter and normally I wouldn't shop on Easter, but we were visiting my parents when my father explains that last week he was at CVS and they had shelving and VHS racks for 75% off. He got some for $3.00 and $4.00!! I got excited because I have been looking for more shelving for books and videos. I asked him if they were open today and he said,"Come on, we will go look." We got there and the lady said there was very little left but that it was now 90% off!!! Now, understand this is cheap pressed board furniture and nothing great but It's usable for what we wanted for our kids room and basement.

I spent $13.07 and I got
1 3 drawer plastic unit on wheels
1 bookshelf
2 end tables
1 small entertainment center
1 large entertainment center
1 audio shelving unit

I was so thrilled!!! Also, I used a VISA gift card, so nothing out of pocket! I saved over $112 off full price. Granted, I wouldn't spend full price but think, for people that do buy things at full price, they would have paid $112 more than I did!! WOW!!

I also stopped at Walgreens:
Transaction one:
1 SD Card
Total $9.99
Used a RR: $7.04
and I got a $5.00RR back

Transaction Two:
2 bottles of AXE Shower Gel
1 pack of hair elastics
Used coupons and $5.00 from previous transaction:$5.66
I got another $2.00 RR and $3.00 RR

Tranaction Three:
1 pack of hair elastics
1 Organic Powdered Makeup
1 Colgate Toothbrush
Total: $19.78
Used coupons: $19.12
I got another $2.00RR and a $3.50 RR and I am getting a $10.00 rebate on the makeup.

So OPP was $31.82, I have $10.50 in RR's for my next trip and a $10.00 rebate to mail in for. :) I am thinking of saving these RR's and use them for the swiffer rebate. I don't know..we will have to see what I do. Also, I will use the SD card for mother's day. My mother got a photo frame for christmas. So, I will use the SD card to put photos on it and that will be her mother's day gift. :)

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Robin said...

I bow in awe.

GREAT deals

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