Sunday, April 26, 2009

Question...and other notes

I have a question for my readers, please post a response in the comment section.
Here is the question..what would you like to learn about being frugal? The reason I ask is that my couponing methods are only one way I am frugal. I want to know what else you would like to learn about. IF it is something I know about, I will share with you what I do. If it's not, I will try to find the answers.

I am frugal is so many ways, and sometimes I don't know if I should write about them or not. Please leave your comments or ideas.

Also, just an added note: in the sunday paper today, The Purina coupons have a coupon for FREE kitten food. Now, maybe you don't have a kitten, you can either A, trade the coupons to someone who does OR B, buy the product and donate it to a local shelter. Due to the economy, so many animal shelters are in need.

AND, this week at Walgreen's there is Nivea Body Wash for $4.99 and you get a $4.99 RR back, a few weeks back there was a coupon for $1.00 Nivea Body Wash in the paper, so you would pay $3.99 and get a $4.99 RR back. Very good deal for new stockpilers, especially if you have multiple coupons. Remember to do multiple transactions. Also note that you can't roll your register rewards. This means that if you get a $4.99 RR from the Nivea deal, you can use it for the next Nivea you buy. You have to use the $4.99 Nivea RR on another deal. Walgreen's also has Bayer Crystals $2.49 and you get a $2.49 RR back. There are many RR deals this week at Walgreens. Check your local store ad for more details.



pennyscents said...

First of all, I love what you do and have learned a lot from you already. I think that it would be really helpful if you broke down your list more, so that I could see how you do as well as you do. For example (really example):
Huggies wipes $2.50-$1.50MC/SS 4/15=$1.00
4 Halls cough drops $1.-4 $1MC/RP 4/15=free
It would also be helpful if you listed not just the gift card that you used, but how you got the gift card. It would also be helpful for you to list your transactions and checkouts that you do if you do multiple checkouts at a store. I know that you do a lot already. I would love to save as much as you are, but I don't completely understand how you save sooo much. I don't even see coupons for a lot of the items that you purchase? This extra step would be sincerely appreciated!
I will be sending your coupons to you soon. I have been doing some organizing and sorting, so that I can figure out which ones I can send you.
I would love more info. on Freecycle too.
Thanks for everything!!!!!!! :) :)

pennyscents said...

trying to see if this comment works. I posted two of them a lil while ago and I do not see them.

Frugalmommie said...

Hi Penny...
Thank you for the tips! I will try to improve how I explain my shopping.

Also, just a note, the reason you don't see your comments right away is because I have to "approve" them. The reason I have my blog set up that way is so that I don't get spammed garbage on my blog.

:) Thanks for the's nice to know someone is reading my blog!!! ROFL!!!

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