Sunday, April 5, 2009

I was in a shopping mood!

Rarely am I in a shopping mood. But, after church, I was and I wanted to price check a few things. So, my husband, kids and I went over to Walmart. They were having a lot of clearance. I spent $27.17 with tax and I got:

1 winter coat for my son $5.00 ( put away for next year)
1 winter coat for my daughter $5.00 ( put away for next year)
a pair slippers for my son $2.00 ( which he is happily wearing now)
1 pack of 6 socks for me $5.00 (I really need some new ones!)
2 single pairs of socks for me 75 cents a pair
3 pairs of sweatpants $1.00 each (for my daughter)
1 sweat shirt $1.00 matches 2 pairs of sweatpants(for my daughter)
2 pairs of Thermal pants and shirts ( I bought 2 sizes for my daughter, since we go camping and are in the cold midwest, these were a steal! Added bonus: they were of populat characters my daughters likes!)

I didn't add up all the full price of these items. But I know the thermals were $9.99 a set and the coat was $35.00 full price. I was pretty happy with my haul, I got the "shopping mood" out of me and my kids got free photos with the Easter Bunny too!!!

Stay frugal!!

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