Friday, October 15, 2010

More ways to save.....and other frugal ramblings....

I am tired but I can sleep so I thought I would ramble to my readers.

I have always used the library...for books, stories on tape for my kids, games, computer games and DVD's. Recently, I learned how to use our library's SHARE program. This share program links all southeastern Wisconsin Libraries together. So, I log in online, type in the movie I want to see or book I want to read, and then request a hold. When the movie/book becomes available, they ship it to my local library, I can keep the movie for a week and return it. I can keep the book up to a month. Of course, my tax dollars pay for it and all the work is done by the library workers! I just pick it up! The down side is that I have to wait for a short time until it's my turn to get the movie/book, but I don't mind. It's FREE and I get to enjoy current movies, new release books even if my own local library doesn't have it!! If you live in southeastern Wisconsin and want to see if your city participates in the SHARE program, go to this LINK and check!

Also, my husband and I are trying to decide if we want to renew our museum membership. If you have read my blog in the past, we purchased the Museum family membership when they offered a great deal. We were planning to see the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit, but it was $26.00 a person! Then we got an offer in the mail, $100 for 2 Dead Sea Scroll Tickets, 2 IMAX theater tickets and a 1 year family membership. We decided to join. For that $100, our family has been to several museums for free!  We saved well over $300 in admissions! We have enjoyed it soo much! We have traveled to 2 different states ( for business) and spent some family time at different museums learning! It's been great. So, now we have gotten our renewal. It's offering $130 for 2 years. We have to decide if we want to do it again. Money has been tight lately, but our kids have really really enjoyed it. And we still have 4 museums we haven't been to that we want to explore. Those museums alone would cost us over $130 in admissions.

Other than that, I got my $40 rebate from Menards. I got a bunch of Coke I cashed in for a $5.00 Chili's Card and a $5.00 Chuck E Cheese card. :)
I hit 5,000 on swagbucks...I will be close to my $50 gift card soon, then I am going to use it to go Christmas Shopping.

Also, I have to note, my stockpile helps another friend...I won't give details, to protect privacy...but it's great to know that even when money is tight, I can help someone who may be struggling too.

Hope everyone is doing good! Stay Frugal!

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