Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Next Stop, Pick N Save and Kwik Trip

So, I now went out to Pick N Save, Kwik Trip and Jones

First Stop Kwik Trip ( everything has gone up in price!)
4 dozen eggs, $1.09 each
6 bagged milks, $1.12 each
1 bag of Hamburger buns, sale .99 cents
1 loaf of white bread, .69 cents
1 loaf of wheat bread, $1.19
2 cookies, Free with Kids card
4.15 pounds of bananas, $1.62
Total: $15.57, and I got a few more punches on my punch card.

Second Stop, Jones Meat Outlet:
5 pounds of Ham Steaks
5 pounds of Canadian bacon slices
4.9 pounds of Ham slices
Total: $15.81, that's about $1.05 a pound for ham

Third Stop, Pick N Save:
Transaction one:
2 cans of sloppy joe mix, on sale $1.00 a can
1 package of roundy's cookies
1 package of bread, on sale with coupon .79 cents
1 box of rice, with double coupon, .29 cents
1 taco bell dinner kids, .79 after double coupon
2 Old Orchard Apple Juice, on sale for 2/$4, had a double coupon, paid $1.00 a bottle
1 box of Life Cereal, on sale $2.00, had a $1.00 off coupon that doubled, Free!
1 jar of Dole Peaches, on sale with store coupon $1.88, had a .75 cents coupon that doubled, .38cents
1 bag of frozen veggies, .88 cents after store coupon
2 Sausage rolls, on sale $1.99 each, I had a $1.00 coupon that doubled
1 package of Kiwi Shoe Laces, .99 cents, had a $1.00 off coupon, Free!
1 pound of Boneless, Skinless Chicken breast, $5.24, with $3.00 off store coupon. paid $2.24 ( a bit high)
2 pounds of green grapes
1.5 pound of pears
1.65 pounds of red grapes
bag of carrots, .68 cents after coupon
bag of cole slaw, .88 cents after coupon
1 package of margarine, .38 cents after coupon
1 64 oz OJ, .98 cents after coupon
Total before sales and coupons:$49.83
After: $23.02, I also got a .20 cents bag refund and another .10 cents in fuel perks!

Transaction 2:
3 boxes of Life Cereal, on sale for $2.00, had double $1.00 coupons, Free!
2 boxes of Klennex ( needed for the school supply list!) .88 cents each
box of Cheese Nips, $2.25, have a $1.00 coupon that doubles, .25 cents
2 pounds of Tuna, On sale $1.49, had a $1.00 coupon off that doubles, .98 cents for the 2 pouches
2 bags of cat treats, on sale $1.25, had $1.00 off coupons, .25 cents a bag
1 bag of frozen Veggies, .88 cents after coupon
2 Sausage rolls, on sale $1.99, had the $1.00 coupon that doubled
1 package of Margarine, .38 cents after coupon
2 packages of Dannon Coolisions, Free after coupon
2 bottles of Activa Yogart Drinks, Free after coupons
Total before coupons:$36.22
After coupons: $7.91

So between Sentry, PicknSave, Kwik Trip and Jones, I spent $81.50 so far.
I still have money left to stop at Aldi's tomorrow ( I am going to visit my mom and will stop at the one by her home). I have over $100 left for the 3 weeks and I have most of my menu planned out. I will possibly be able to add a 4th week and get to the end of September. I am going to trade my mom 12 ears of corn for some tomatoes I picked, So that will be another meal. And I am making 15 pints of salsa this afternooon, which I could then share!

Here is my Menu Plan for the next 3 weeks.( 3 weeks multipled by 7 days is 21 meals, except for lunches and some breakfasts my kids get through school), Not completed, due to my run to Aldi's Tomorrow.

Oatmeal ( 3 days, once a week)
Cereal ( 6 days, twice a week)
Yogard with Fruit ( 3 days, once a week)
Waffles ( 3 days, once a week)
Pancakes ( 3 days, once a week)
Eggs  with Canadian Bacon or sausage (3 days, once a week)
We have plenty of pancake mix, syrup, oatmeal and canned fruit in stockpile). When I make a batch of Waffles or pancakes, I use the whole box and make a big batch. Then I freeze them and heat them up in the microwave for a quick breakfast. Also, that allows me to only have to cook waffles one big batch at a time vs several days in a month.

( Kids have school 5 days a week, so we will need only weekend lunches for them) ( for my job, I pack a lunch, typically the yogarts, some crackers or cereal and a piece of fruit)
Hot Dogs, 2 days
Mac and Cheese, 2 days
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, 2 days

Mom's Lunch:
Yogarts ( I have enough for all 3 weeks due to stockpile and what I bought these last shopping trips)

Dad's Lunch
Ham Sandwiches, cloe slaw
Left overs
Ramen Noodles

Ham Steaks with veggies ( 3 dinners)
Pulled Pork Sandwiches, with side dish ( applesauce, salsa or veggies) ( 2 dinners)
Chicken breast, with side dish ( 3 dinners, have what I bought today plus a 3 pound bag in stockpile)
Frozen Pizza (2 dinners)
Sloppy  Joes with chips, ( need to buy ground turkey tomorrow at Aldi's) ( 2 dinners)
Tacos, ( 1 dinner)
Scolloped Potoes and Ham ( 2 dinners)
Beef Stew with Rice ( beef stew is in Stockpile) (1 dinner)
Spaghetti ( 3 dinners, once a week!)
1 leftover night ( 1 dinner)
Homestyle Mac and Cheese, with veggie side ( 1 dinner)
Brats (1 dinner)

Cheese Crackers

Kool Aid
Apple Juice
Orange Juice

PS...To the nice lady that I was so excited to meet at Pick N Save today. Sorry about the excitement! I love to meet new people who want to be debt free and save money!! :)

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