Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheap vs. Frugal, random notes

I have been frugal all of my adult life, but I don't consider myself cheap. Recently, I had someone tell me I was cheap. So, I am going to write what I feel is the difference and have you give me your feedback!

Frugal is using using a coupon when you go out to eat!
Cheap is not giving the waitress/ waiter a tip!
Frugal is buying Tomatoes seeds and planting them for a garden.
Cheap is going to your neighbors garden and helping yourself.
Frugal is when a freebie is available and the sign says,"take one" you take one.
Cheap is when the candy bowl at the bank says take one and you DUMP the WHOLE THING in your purse ( yes I have seen this with my own eyes!)
Frugal is using hand me down clothes for the kids
Cheap is buying the kids fancy, name brand clothes and not taking off the price tag, wearing the clothes for family photos, then returning the clothes ( yes, I witnessed this too!)
Frugal is sometimes paying full price for something when you know if you bought the cheaper version, it would ware out and not be worth what you already put into it.
Cheap is not buying it, "borrowing" it from a friend and NEVER giving it back!

I could go on and on. The point is that being frugal is having what you already have and being thankful!  Cheap is being greedy or selfish. Cheap is doing things so that your money and your fist never seperate. A frugal lifestyle can be a blessing. A cheap lifestyle can turn you into a very mean scrooge!

I have always felt blest! God has always provided! We save where we can. We reuse things if we can. We use rummage sale and hand me downs. But, I would never do some things I see people do every day.

How do you feel? Are you frugal? Do you consider frugal the same as cheap? Understand when this person called me cheap, She meant it in the worse possible way.  She was not being polite. :)


pennyscents said...

I agree with everything that you said! Well said, too!

Chris said...

I consider myself frugal also but not cheap.

Cheap is never helping out a friend, cheap is not donating money to a worthy cause, cheap is abusing the system for your own gain.

I am frugal but very generous. If someone called me cheap I would be insulted.

Frugalmommie said...

Chris, I was insulted, only because the person was trying to be rude about it. I just smiled and said,'No, I am frugal and there is a difference! Have a wonderful day!" and I went about doing my shopping.

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