Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stockpile trip today....

I planned to just stop at a few stores while my husband did some things in ended up being a all day trip because I got in the shopping mood...LOL...Here is the trip. I did buy 7 Christmas gifts.

Bath and Body Works
Free Body Wash ( coupon from mailer)

Victoria Secret
Free Underware ( coupon from mailer)

Transaction One:
2 masterpiece puzzles ( gifts), On clearance
2 sets of kids dinner plates and bowls, on clearance
3 cups of Stove Top Stuffing, on sale for .89 cents, had B2GO coupons
2 packs of Trident Gum, On sale for 2/$2.00, had a BOGO coupon and get a $1.00 RR back
Total: $10.67 plus tax
After coupons and $9.00 in RR's from my previous trip, OOP .82 cents. I got back $1.00 RR

Transaction Two:
1 bag of Halls, sale for $1.00, had .75 cents coupon off from ALL YOU Magazine. Paid .31 cents with tax and I got a $1.00 RR back

Transaction Three:
2 Degree Deo, on sale for 2/$7.00, had $1.50 IP coupons for each and then get $2.00 RR back
I bag of Halls, Sale for $1.00, had a 50 cent coupon from Sunday coupon. Get a $1.00 RR.
Chapstick, Sale $2.99, get a $3.00 RR back.
Total: $10.99
After Coupons: $8.10 with Tax
I got back $6.00 RR back

So, I have $8.00 RR's for my next trip!

Next stop:
Toys R Us
My Little Pony Playset, Clearance $7.48,
2 My Little Ponys, $6.49 each
Used the $5.00 My Little Pony Coupon from my coupon bar on the right!
then I used my daughters $3.00 birthday coupon too.
Total OOP was $13.42. My daughter will get one of the ponies for her birthday and the others will be used for christmas gifts!

Then I stopped at Menards
4 jars Chi Chi Salsa, On sale for $1.79 with $1.00 rebate on each
2 packs of Cottonelle Toilet Paper, On sale for 2/$5.00, I had $1.50 IP on each one
2 bottles of Palmolive Dish Soap, On sale for $1.50 each, I had 50 cents off coupons from Sunday paper
2 Crayola Spinner Refills, 99 cents on clearance.
I used my balances on my gift rebate cards so my total after coupons and rebate cards was
Total $1.33 and I have the rebate for $4.00 on the salsa to send in

1 bag of Dog Food ( To donate to the shelter) $4.49, Had a Target $1.00 off coupon and a manu. coupon for $3.00 off
1 children's game on clearance for $3.74, will use for christmas gift
1 dry erase board, 50 cents on clearance
4 cans of cat food, on sale $1.20 each, I had 2 BOGO Target coupons and 1 BOGO sunday paper coupons, So I paid for 1 and got 4
Total: $14.03, then after coupons $5.43 OOP

2 bags of noodles
bag of apples
Tortilla chips
pancake syrup
can of fruit cocktail
head of lettuce
2 bottles of vinegar
12 pak of white soda
4 dozen eggs
1 very big pumpkin
Total: 20.95

6 bottles of Snuggle Fabric Softner, $3.89, had $3.00 off coupons from sunday paper
1 bag Sergeto Cheese Shredds, $1.99. had .55 cents coupon that doubled from sunday paper
5 pound bag of flour, $2.69, had .50 cent IP coupon that doubled
2 containers of instant lunches, Marie Callendars $2.99, had $1.50 coupon off from ALL YOU magazine
22 bags of Wacky Mac, $1.00 each on sale, had 75 cent off coupons from sunday paper.
3 bags of egg noodles, on sale for $1.73 and I had .75 cent off coupons from sunday paper
1 bowl of Healthy Choice Steamers, $2.50 on sale and I had a $1.00 off coupon from a House Party
3 boxes of Super Pretzels, 3/$5.00 on sale, .50 cents off each box that doubles from sunday paper
1 Crayola Beginnings Paint Set, On clearnace for $2.49, had a coupon for $1.00 from an insert
2 containers of Frosting, on sale for $1.50, had .50 cents off that doubled
4 boxes of brownie mix, on sale for .99 cents, had .30 cent off coupons that double from sunday paper
2 containers of crystal light, on sale for $2.00 each, I had a $2.00 each coupons
1 box of Minute rice, on sale for $2.00, I had a 50 cents off coupon that doubled. Coupon from Sunday paper.
2 Yakisoba lunch packs., on sale .75 cents, and i had a 50 cent coupon that doubles
2 packs of Hard Salami, used the $3.00 IP coupons from Sara Lee
5 pouchs of Mashed Potatoes, 5/$4.00 on sale, .25 cents off each coupons from Sunday paper that doubles.
3 packs of taco seasoning, .67 cents each on sale, had a $1.10/3 coupon
6 pouches of Tuna, on sale for $1.25, had 50 cents off coupons on each one, they doubled. the coupons from the sunday paper
2 cups of Microwave mac and cheese, 1.00 on sale, .40 cents coupons that doubled, coupons from the sunday paper
2 cups of Chef Boy R De, $1.00 on sale, had .40 cent coupon that doubled.
1 bottle of Snapple, $1.29, had a .55 cent IP coupon that doubled
1 jar of baby food, on sale for .69 cents, had a free coupon, will give it to the food pantry
2 packs of clearance pull ups
3 bottles of Suave Body Wash, on sale for $1.66, .50 cent coupons on each that doubled
2 sticks of Sure Deoderant, $2.50 had $1.00 off coupons, coupons from Sunday Paper
Total: 141.04
After coupons: $61.08

So, grocery store shopping was $82.03, my other shopping was $29.41. I have $4.00 coming back in rebates, $8.00 back in RR's and 7 Christmas gifts. :) sorry no photo...My house is a disaster! LOL!

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