Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shopping Trip!

Well, it's be a long time since I did a big trip. This trip wasn't a full trip, I didn't stop at Aldi's or Target. I only did Kwik Trip, VS and Logli's.

First VS had a coupon that they sent for free underware, so I picked up another free pair! I have a huge stockpile of under clothes from them!

Then, Walgreen's. I picked up 2 more Red Baron Pizza's. After coupon it is $2.00.

Then Lolgi's.  Not the best photo, but I was in a hurry!

2 cans of chicken broth
box of Earl Grey Tea
4 boxes of Eggos
1 package of Tuna
1 container of Oatmeal
4 bottles of Nestea
3 boxes of Jello
2 Kraft Easy Mac Cups
2  4pks of Yoplait Yougart
2  4pks of Dannon Yougart
1 bottle of Relish
2 bottles of Sobe water
4 bars of soap
3 reese cup packs
5 Yakisoba Meals
1 box Frosted Flakes
2 Kashi Crunch Cereal
3 Thai Rice Noodles
13 bagged frozen veggies
1 container cottage cheese
1 container butter
1 pk of beer brats
1 pk of Brats
2 pounds of london broil meat
1.3 pound of pork steaks
6 cans of cinnamon rolls
4 cans of cresant rolls
4 little containers of Chef Boy R Dee
1 bag Picsweet Frozen Meal
Total before coupons: $113.30
Total after coupons: $48.94
Almost all the things I bought had coupons from the sunday paper or IP's from my bar ( on the right hand side of my blog). The Yougart coupons were from a friend. Everything was on sale combined with a coupon.

Last Kwik Trip.
 I bought 3 dozen eggs, 3 bags of milk, and 2 pounds of bananas for $9.XX.

So, Now we will try to continue to eat from our stockpile, plus what I bought today, for about 4 weeks. I still need to sit down and make a meal plan. But I got the oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, eggs, yougart and cereal. That can cover most breakfasts. Lunches can be soups, sandwiches, mac and cheese. Dinners will have brats, spaghetti, pork steaks, london broil, tacos, and pizzas. So, that is just a start.


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