Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ran to Walgreens

I stopped at Walgreens on my way home from work tonight.  They had a deal, buy 8 participating products get an $8.00 RR.

2 Ricola Vit C drops, Free after coupon in Sunday Paper
1 bag of Halls Refresher, had 75 cent off coupon, they are on sale for $1.0, and you get a $1.00 RR back
2 jars of Hellmann's Mayo. On sale 2 for $5.00, I had a $1.00 off coupon from a mailer I had and a 60 cents off coupon from the sunday paper.
3 jars of Ragu. On sale for 3 for $5.00, I had coupons for Free Jars of Ragu.
3 jars of Skippy Peanut Butter, On sale for 3 for $5.00. no coupons.

Total was $21.65
Total after coupons was $8.65 and I got $9.00 in RR's back for my next shopping trip!! WOO HOO!


pennyscents said...

Hi Angie,
It's been a while since I have commented, but I am still here! I check ur site everyday still. I have gotta know where you got FREE RAGU coupons from?

Frugalmommie said...

Hey Penny, They came in a trade I did. I have no idea how the person I traded with got them! THANKS for still coming and checking out my site! How is everything going for you? I bet by now you are a coupon queen that is better than I am!!!

Keep in touch!

pennyscents said...

I am doing well. Life is life ya know, but you pull through no matter what. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy right!

I have gotten a lot better at couponing. Recently I have even had two stores owe me money after everything. Of course, they didn't give me any money back. I just added something to my order, and then paid the difference. I do Wags every week. I keep it pretty minimal though. Now that I know what I am doing with Wags it is actually pretty easy. I even go to the one by my house now, and they are very nice now. Idk who, what, where, when, why.... It is just really nice to have good experiences. I have been following ever since you posted her info on your site. I love it. I am so thankful to have found a site with a Pick and Save list. Thank you for the info on that! I still can not use a full cup, or hot coupon world. I just use the Target Q generator, and look up coupons on the database once in a while. That's about it. Those sites are really over whelming for me. I am not that PC literate either, so that probably doesn't help.

My only downfall is that I spend a lot more time than I would like to on this.

I can see that you are going through some things, but you will pull through. You always do! Thank you for your site! Thank you for introducing me to all of this too!

TTYL! :)

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