Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Walgreens stop and summer plans...

I stopped at Walgreens this morning for my husband's perscription and they had more clearance Angel Soft. So I picked up 8 packs. I had no coupons left, but it made the TP 20 cents a roll and we go through a lot of TP in this house!!! So, $8.99 for 8 packs of TP, A sunday paper, a clearance school folder my daughter wanted and a free bottle of aspirin.
Quick Trip, but I earned a $25.00 gift card for my husband's script so I can use that next time.

Also, while I am talking about deals, I have filled enough gasoline cards to get 4 free baseball tickets. I will send in for those and take my kids to a baseball game. It's not completely free. There is a $5.00 handling fee and parking will be $10.00. I pack all my own snacks and drinks per the ball park rules. We always sign up for the designated driver program which gives us one free soda, which typically the kids share. So, we end up spending $15.00 out of pocket and gas for the afternoon.

Also, My kids both did their reading program for free Six Flags Great America tickets. We have to do this as cheaply as possible if we really want to go. Each of the kids tickets are free. My ticket will be free from coke rewards points. Now, I just have to find a free/cheap ticket for my husband. Parking is $15.00. We could park off the lot and walk but we bring a cooler and food in the car, so we do park in the cheapest parking on the lot. You can't bring food into the amusement park, but you can picnic on their grass, so we do that for dinner. We do eat lunch in the park, costing around $30.00 for the 4 of us and we also buy one of the big soda cup refills ($12.99) and we share it, getting our own straws and switching who can use it. So, the cheapest way possible for us to go to Great America is about $60.00.
Does anyone know of some good coupons or discounts for tickets?

So, as of right now summer will be filled with girl scout camp (paid for out of fundraisers), Kids camp (free due to financial situation), Baseball game, 2 week long camping trips, swimming at the lake, Library Reading Program (5 free events), trip to Great America, one kids concert (free). Not bad for a family out of work. :)

Stay Frugal!! Keep emailing me ideas!!

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