Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frugal Notes, Summer has started!

I wanted to post about 3 things.

One, here is a great article written on another blog, Northern Cheapskate. The blog is about people who are greedy with freebies. I couldn't agree more. You can read about it here

Two, Another thing I wanted to discuss was the fact that so many people have contacted me recently about living beneath their means. Two seperate families I know have had both the husband and the wife lose their jobs. Meaning there is no regular income, just unemployment. WOW, this just breaks my heart, I will be praying for them! I have so many ideas to help them. First, get rid of anything that is NOT necessary. You don't need the extra features on your phone. You don't need cable or dish TV. Those are wonderful to have, but not when the bills need to be paid. I know that sounds shocking, and I am not trying to sound mean, but once the income stops rolling in, it's time to make drastic changes. I recently read a self help book that said don't use coupons. I couldn't disagree more! I would say LEARN how to USE COUPONS EFFECTIVELY!!! There is a difference!

One of the women that I recently talked to said," We can't spend any money, but we can't just sit here at home! It will drive us crazy." So, I want us all to put our heads together and think of some of the free or cheap things you can do. I have posted all the current State and National Parks that are having free days. I also mentioned that the library has programs and free resources. PLEASE post a comment on any ideas you may have!

Third, I came up with an idea after my daughter said, "Mom, we will be going to all these places this summer, but you told us we can't buy any souvenirs. So, what can we do to remember all the places we have gone." I pulled out a photo album I found free at a rummage sale, it's a 3 ring binder type. I told her that we will take tons of photos, make scrapbook pages to add to the album and then we will have her write news reports of our trips. She will be a mini newspaper reporters. All her reports will be added to this album binder. She loved the idea and I gave her a cheap notebook I found on clearance for 15 cents. She will keep ideas and notes in there about things she has learned or seen on her summer adventures. And we will have a lasting souvenir for years to come. She will be practicing her penmanship, reading and writing skills, fostering ideas and helping her learn. :) Great Plan.

So far, we have gone to Culver's Fire Safety Night. Culver's Resturant invited kids to view the fire trucks and ambulance in their parking lot. The fire department showed what they have to wear and what they look like (so the kids wouldn't be scared). The kids got stickers, free ice cream, coloring books, and crayons. They has a great time climbing in to the ambulance. The kids also won a prize in the raffle.

Then, the next day, we went to a Library Show. It was about making and creating music with household things (like straws and pan lids). The kids had fun "banging" and "whistling". The man was very funny and the kids liked it.

Also, all week my kids have been attending a day camp in the mornings. They have enjoyed painting, snacks, singing and dancing.

So, three free events for kids and nothing out of my pocket. Summer has started with a bang!


pennyscents said...

First, I will definitely pray for the families that you mention too. I always pray for everybody that is dealing with financial strain from the current status of our economy right now. Second, I know this may be very hard to see right now, but I think that this needed to happen. I think it's a good thing to know what it is like to have to go without. Trust me I have been there!!! It has made me a stronger, more appreciative, compassionate, and helpful person!
Here are some ideas from me.
*I have a six flags free admission pass for someone grades k-6 that someone in need could have. My son got it through the reading program, and we will not be going to Six Flags this summer. I would like to see somebody be able to use it rather than it go to waste. I know they may not be able to afford Six Flags, but if enough ppl gave up their passes that they may not use they may be able to go for very cheap. Like you are this summer.
*Camp in the backyard! I know it's been said b4, but it really is a ton of fun. You can even get other relatives and friend involved for the camp out too. If you can't have a fire then roast marshmallows, and hot dogs over the grill with sticks from the yard.
*The Washington County Family Center has many events that are community, family fun, free events. Doesn't matter what your income is. Most counties do have similar programs.
Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. If one person prepared a dbl batch of whatever they were making for dinner for their family anyway, and gave you half. That's one meal for your family, and it really didn't take that much from the person that helped out. They would probably even be happy to do it.
*Parks, movies in the park, parades, fireworks, free admission fair days (even if you just go to watch the pigs race, & see the animals), free admission museum days, library programs, fishing, (I still remember getting up really early with my Dad to go dig for worms. I think I liked that more than the fishing)....

I know there's more, but I think this is a long enough post. :) :)

Frugalmommie said...

Awesome comments Penny! Anyone else have some ideas on how they find free events and keep themselves busy during this time?

pennyscents said...

Thanks Angie!
Glad I could help a lil, hopefully anyway. I just wanted to ask you what happened to all of your readers/followers? When I pull you up it doesn't show any. Are you and I the only two ppl left in the world. JK! lol! Still would love to know wsup though. :) :)

Frugalmommie said...

HI Penny,
When I look at my blog it shows 38 they are there...

pennyscents said...

That doesn't surprise me. My pc is acting really stupid lately. My Avon Website isn't working right on my pc, I can't see your readers, I can't print some things on Mozilla, then I can on Explorer, constantly freezing up. I am trying to get help from Spybot, because I really do not have the money to pay a technician. This is so frustrating when this stuff happens. I feel like I have to back to school just to figure out how to work my home pc. Anyway, that would be why I can't see your other readers too.

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