Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to Walgreen's...

Today Walgreen's had a coupon spend $25.00 get $5.00 off. I had my $25.00 check from the transferred perscription, so I thought this would be a good time to get over there.

It was $59.83
After coupons and the gift check, it was $1.48. I also got $6.00 in RR's.

Here is my transaction:
2 Gilette Shampoo, On sale for 2 for $8.00, I had 2 coupons that took $3.00 off ( also got $3.00 in rr's)
2 Boxes of Oreo Cakesters, $2.50 each, I had a $1.00 off coupons from a tear pad
1 box of Neosporin, Walgreens has a $2.00 off coupon, I had a $1.00 off sunday paper coupon. Also, it was a bonus box with free bandaids and a carrying case inside.
6 boxes of Jello, had a walgreens coupon and a IP coupon from
KY Lubricant, on sale, I had a $5.00 off Walgreens coupon and a $5.00 off sunday paper coupon
pack of Dry Erase Markers, on clearance for $2.00
2 boxes Sandwich bags, Walgreens coupon and a sunday paper coupon, also they were bonus boxes with 20 extra bags inside
gallon of milk ( you got $3.00 in RR's if you bought 2 boxes of cakesters and a gallon of milk)
Glade Fabric oder remover, on sale and I have a BOGO coupon
Scotch Tape, on clearnace
2 pocket folders on clearance
Markers and pencils on clearance


pennyscents said...

Hi Angie,
How were you able to use the $5. coupon. The says that your total has to be $25. after all coupons in order to use the $5. off. I have heard that Wags is strictly enforcing this. It didn't look like your total was above $25. before Q's. Did I miss something?
Thanks! :)

Frugalmommie said...

HI Penny,
My total after coupons was $26.48, then I used that $25.00 Walgreens Gift Check ( which isn't a coupon), so my total was $1.48. I had no problem doing this.
Hope that answers your question.

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