Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keeping up with my budget

Due to my husband's layoff, I am trying to keep my spending down under the $250 I normally spend. Well, I just added up our spending for June ( I know we have another week left, but I wanted to see where we are because I am going shopping on Thursday). So far, I have spent $128.17. Sadly, much of that was eating out due to a few side volunteer things I did and I had to pick up dinner on the road. So, I have about $121 left for the month. We already bought the special cat food and much of the meat I wanted to buy on sale, so I have to just make it through another week. :)

Hope everyone is doing well on their budgets!!

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pennyscents said...

Hey Angie! I'm learnin!

I know this is your blog, but I would like to tell you about some of my recent shopping.
Maybe it could help another one of your readers & hopefully let other newbies know that THIS IS POSSIBLE!

Gillette Fusion razor, used $4MC
Gillette fusion body wash, used $1mc
My total with tax was $6.81 (got $5 target GC)

Did this two more times, using the $5 GC's on the next two trans. So my next two totals were $1.81 with tax.

Then I bought
6 boxes Eggo Bake shop Waffles $1.50 each-6 $1 off MC's
3 pledge swiffer starter kit $1.99-3 $1 off MC's
4 kraft Easy mac-2 $1/2 MC's
I used my last $5 Target GC.
This total was $2.19 with tax.

I also went to Wal-Mart where I bought 4 boxes of Ziploc bogs (expandable bottoms)
4x$1.88 each. I used 2 Bogo Mc's, and 4-$1 off one Target Q's. Not all Wal-Marts accept competitor Q's. The one by me does now. After all Q's this was a .27 cent MM for me.
Wal-Mart also has reach floss for $1. I had 3 of the $1 MC's off any Reach floss, so I got these free too.
Also, the $1MC off Dove Deo from most papers does not exclude trial sizes. I bought several of the trial sizes for .97 cents, and got the $1 off on each one.
I collect these for an abused families shelter in my area.

I went to Pick & Save this week too. I spent $40.12, and saved $97.18. This was a combo of sales and MC's. I had a lot of MC's though. Too long to list everything.

Thank you for introducing me to all of this! I will continue to follow your site, and let you know about anything else I see that may help others too! :)

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