Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great Shopping Trips today!!

I had two great shopping trips, so I thought I would post and share.

The first stop was Menards.  I needed battteries and they had more office school supplies on rebate. I brought my rebate cards. 

Rain Ponchos -FAR
Nature Valley Granola Thins - On Sale for $2.50 and they had a $1.50 rebate on them ( there are also coupons out there but I didn't have them with me.)
Infectiguard Hand Santizer - FAR, bought for the camper and cars
1 pack of index cards - on rebate
4 single subject notebooks - on rebate
2 3 subject notebooks - on rebate
6 bags of pens ( save for work, school, etc) - FAR
2 packs of safety glasses ( for work) - FAR
3 3pk Glue Sticks - on rebate
Pullchain for fan ( we broke ours)
5 Post It Notes Big - on rebate
2 pair of student scissors - on rebate
1 Post it note pad - on rebate
Touch Sensor for a touch lamp ( also ours was broken)
1 pk Dry Erase Marker - On rebate
4 plastic pocket folders - On rebate
1 5pk of Electrical tape - on rebate
1 10pk of Batteries - on rebate
8 rolls of paper towels - on sale

Total was $91.32
then I applied my rebate certificates
OOP: $31.88
 Then I sent in and I am getting back $50.44 in new rebates!!!

Second shopping trip: Pick N Save
I bought $89.37 worth of groceries for $16.14.

Transaction One:
6 boxes of cereal
Roundys Apple Juice
Bag of Hot Dog Buns
2 pounds of green grapes
Total: $31.04
-$9.00 off for buying 6 boxes of cereal
-$5.00 worth of Double Coupons
-.51 cents for the store coupon on the juice
- $10.00 from the bologna deal from this past week
- $4.91 in sale prices on the apple juice, grapes and the hot dog buns.
-.10 cent bag refund
Total OOP: $1.52, with the buying of the cereal you get RR's for free eggs and free milk.

Transaction Two:
2 jugs of Lemon Tea
5 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
1 bag of Baked Lays
1 bottle of Era
1 pound of pears
 Total: $30.77
-  $5.67 in sales on the tea, fruit snacks, Lays, and Pears
- $10.00 from the bologna deal this past week
- $7.00 in double coupons
- .25 cents off the Monopoly Game Ticket
- .51 cents store coupon off the ERA.
OOP: $7.34

Transaction Three:
1 bottle of Vinegar
4 boxes of Capri Sun 100% juice boxes
2 Star Wars Toothbrushes
1 Qrt of Chocolate Milk
1 jug of 2% Milk
1 Large Eggs
1 package of String Cheese
Total: $27.56
- $3.09 store sales
- .20 cent bag refund
- $10.73 in double coupons
- $3.50 RR for the Milk (from first transaction)
- $1.25 RR for the Eggs (from first transaction)
- $1.51 in store coupons
OOP: $7.28

Total OOP: $16.14

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