Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Shopping Trip!

I haven't posted a big shopping trip in a long time. Today I met two really nice women at the store and we talked about couponing. So, I decided to post my shopping trip. This was a stockpile trip and they had double up to 5 $1.00 coupons. I did 7 transactions. My OOP was $87.51 on $237.68, which is a 63% savings.

My first transaction was the spend $30 on specific Kimberly Clark or Colgate and get a $10.00 RR on your next trip. The Kotex U Maxi's had a $1.00 off coupon that doubled. So I bought 5 boxes of those. 2 packages of Huggies Wipes with a .50 cent off coupon on each. 2 Kotex Natural Maxis and 2 Speed Sticks. Total before was $40.94, after coupons it was $20.26. And I got a $10.00 off your next transaction, which I used in transaction number 5.

My second transaction was the buy $15.00 worth of Johnson and Johnson products and get a $5.00 RR on your next transaction. I bought 4 Stayfree maxi's ( I still had my $2.00 coupons from the Walgreens deal because they never stocked!), 1 bottle of Listerine with a $1.00 DC and 2 packages of Band-Aids. Total before was $24.67, after coupons and discounts it was $7.94 and I got a $5.00RR for my next transaction, which I used in transaction #6

My third transaction was the Unilever Deal. Buy $15.00 worth of Unilever products and get a $5.00 discount INSTANTLY!. I bought 2 Men's Dove Body Wash, with $1.00 off coupons; 2 Sauve Body Wash, with $1.00/2 DC and 1 Axe Deo with a $1.00 DC. Total was $19.16, then after the $5.00 and my DC's, my OOP was $8.61. 

My forth transaction was finally groceries!  They had a Betty Crocker deal. If you bought 8 items, you save $4.00 Instantly. So, I bought 2 Suddenly Salads and 5 Hamburger Helpers ( I had DC on those). Then I bought 3 boxes of Ritz Crackers with $1.00 off DC. T I bought 2 Iced Coffees, each had a $1.00 DC. I also had a $1.00 off Green Giant Veggies, so I found a bag of broccoli for $1.99, so doubled that was free. Total before coupons and discounts: $30.42, then after the $4.00 and my DC's, my OOP was $9.99.  Also, to my surprise, a $2.00 RR came out with my receipt!! Yeah!!  ( too bad I didn't notice that until I got out to the car, I could have used it on transaction #7!)

My fifth transaction was 15 bottles of Powerade ( WOO HOO COKE CAPS!), 1 bag of Lays Chips, bottle of Heintz Vinegar, 3 bags of Steamer Veggies, 2 Gerber Baby Bites, 1 package of Pampers Wipes, 1 head of Lettuce. The Lettuce was on store sale and I had a .25 cents monopoly coupon for it. The chips and wipes I had store coupons and the wipes I had a DC. The steamers, vinegar and baby bites I had a DC. The Powerade was on sale for 15 for $10.00. I used my $10.00 RR from transaction one. Total before coupons and discounts $40.61, then after my OOP was $5.29.

My sixth transaction was 6 boxes of tissue ( school supply!), 1 roll of bounty, 1 box of mini muffins, 1 pouch of Starfish tuna. Then I bought the Voila Birds Eye. It was on sale for $3.99 and I had a $3.00 off coupon. 2 packs of Johnsville Brats. On sale for $3.99 and I had $1.00 DC. .69 cents a pound for chicken drumsticks. 5 pound bag of potatoes for .98 cents a bag. I used my $5.00 RR from Transaction 2) My total before coupons $39.83 and after DC's was $11.99.

My final transaction was a big one. They had a lot of canned goods on sale and I didn't have coupons, but I really wanted to stock up. So, I bought 6 cans of Ravioli and Speghettios. 4 cans of Fruit. 2 boxes of Apple Jacks ( which had a $1.50/2 when you bought fruit.), Belvita Breakfast Crackers with a DC, 12 cups of Meow Mix Cat Food with DCs, 2 packs of Extra Strawberry Gum ( On clearance for .64 cents and I had a .50 cent DC so I paid .14 cents each for them, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them), and bag of Meow Mix cat food on sale with a DC. Total before coupons $42.05 and after $23.43.

These shopping trips also gave me .35 in Fuel Perks discounts.  I bought a lot of maxi pads ( so I am stocked on those for a long time!). I also bought a lot of Powerade, but my son uses those with his medicine and really likes them. Not a lot of dinner foods, which is fine because we are still stocked on meats after the Walmart meat clearance I hit not to long ago.

Hope you had a frugal Friday!!

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