Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another group busted for coupon fraud!

Well, I have used less and less coupons and found more and more alternative ways to save money in the last year. I have noticed that the value of a coupon has decreased and the length of time a coupon is good has also gotten shorter. So, when I saw this I was both frustrated and mad.  Because of TV shows like Extreme Couponing teaching unethical business practices and people like this, coupons will soon be almost worthless!! The manufactures will decrease the value and length of time available. Watch what these people did, .
Wow, Did you see the Bar-S coupons in the video? Those were the ones that Bar-S cancelled on their facebook site ( I posted it here ) because they were overwhelmed with fraud. This "ring" had boxes of these coupons!!! WOW!
Lesson One: Don't buy coupons!
Lesson two: The more greedy people who abuse the system will ruin it for the rest of us!

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