Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Went shopping today....the unextreme way!

I haven't done a big shopping trip in awhile, just stockpile trips. Today, I ran to Woodmans, Kwik Trip and Pick N Save. I am in Woodmans and some woman my age is "teaching" couponing to an elderly woman. As they are shopping, the elderly womans said something I could not hear, the woman my age responds loudly with,"Yeah! I have been couponing for 20 years and all these new couponers are ruining it." WHILE LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME! 

I know that the tv show and the economy has been giving couponing a bad name, but instead of being loud with an attitude, let's teach these new couponers how to do it!!! All the new couponers need to learn how to share in the fun and savings!!!

I have been couponing for 17 years. I have taught classes for 2 years. In Dec. 2009, I paid off all of our debt, except for the house. I know how to do this honestly.....I wish this other couponer would not just judge all couponers as bad because of the unfortunely the new couponers need to learn how to do this legally and morally.

Okay..I am off my soap box now. :)

I did go to Woodmans. I spent $71.00 on $115 worth of groceries. Kwik Trip, I spent $8.00 . And Pick and Save, I spent $45.57 on $133.  

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Nina W. said...

Don't take it personally - people do things like that all the time. I usually walk away and then roll my eyes. The only one who should (and will) judge us is our God.

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