Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Us against the weeds!!!

Due to the heat, the weeds are taking over our driveway. My husband went to Walmart to check out weed killer. To our surprise it was quite expensive for the amount of killer we would need. SO, we did a search on google and found a homemade weed killer. It needed Vinegar, Dish Soap, and Salt. Had the dish soap in my stockpile ( bought awhile ago for .25 cents), the salt was .59 cents and a bottle of vinegar was on sale for $2.00. So, for under $3.00, we made the mixture and started spraying. We sprayed for the last 2 days. The weeds are starting to die. Since it isn't a commercial mixture, we do have to continue to reapply it every day until the weeds are gone, but I am very happy that it worked and that it didn't cost what the commercial stuff costs!!

1 Gallon Vinegar
1 cup salt
2 Table spoons dish soap

Put it in a spray bottle and spray the weeds!!!


wfbdoglover said...

I have been using boiling hot water this summer.... with or without vinegar.... Works like a charm... especially in those tight cracks ie: the garage and the cement.

Good luck getting rid of the weeds.... drives me crazy!!!!

Frugalmommie said...

HI Doglover!
We heard HOT WATER will work...but our area is such a BIG area that we wanted to try something stronger with the Vinegar. I want to try the boiling water in the cracks in the sidewalk!!!

Thanks for sharing! I love the tips!!!

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