Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ran to the Mall Today...Spent $9.00. :)

Well, I had to run to a doctor's appointment in the town nearby. Since I was going out there and they have a mall, I stopped in and picked up some goodies!

First stop, Waldenbooks. My kids finished their summer reading program that I have posted about in the past. Each child got to pick out a free book. No OOP, retail value $11.00
Second Stop, Victoria Secret. I got my $10.00 birthday card from them this week and they are having their 75% off Semi Annual Sale. There wasn't much on sale, but I found a bra for $12.99.  So, after my gift card, I paid $3.15.
Third stop, Bath and Body Works had their Semi Annual Sale. I needed some Anti Bac Stuff for the camper, so I got 3 bottles of Pump Soap for $1.25 each and 2 Summer Anti Bac Hand Sanitizers for $1.00 each. Total was $6.10.

Not a bad trip..I have been in the shopping mood lately. :)


pennyscents said...

my b-day is in July, so I just got my card recently too. I went to VS today to use my $10.00 GC. The card actually says that it can only be used on a bra that is $25.00, or more. I didn't see it on the back in fine print until I got up to the register, and the cashier showed me. The lady let me use it b/c the bra that I originally wanted was over $25.00, and they were out of the size that I needed. I am glad that she did, b/c I spent quite a bit of time in the store trying to get what I wanted & then they didn't have the right size in the one that I really wanted. No biggy! I am happy in the end! Happy B-day month to you too!!!

Frugalmommie said...

Happy Birthday Penny! The cashier did the same thing. She pointed it out that it was not to be used on sale items. I said,"Fine, I can put the bra back and just look around." As I said that, the cashier shook her head and responded that she would let me use the card for the bra I wanted. I didn't intend to misuse the coupon, I should have read the back of the card. If the cashier wouldn't have let me use it,I wouldn't have made a fuss and I wouldn't have bought anything and that is okay too. It's not a necessary item.

Thank you so much for pointing this out to my readers!!!

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