Thursday, June 2, 2011

NOTE: Another Frugal Fun Day, 6 Flags Great America

My kids school participates in a program that gets free 6 Flags Great America Tickets to kids who read 6 hours in a specific time frame. My kids have participated in this program every year and if it wasn't for this program we would not go to 6 Flags ( way to expensive!).

Anyways, since this is expensive, how do we keep our costs down? Well, Coke Points has Adult Tickets Free with 1000 coke points! So, All year I find coke points and cash them in for 2 tickets.

So, all tickets are covered. We pay for parking ( $20) and food ( which last year was also on discount due to Coke Points, we will see if that happens this year!). That is it! We make an agreement with the kids. No begging for souvenirs or other items to buy ( out of our budget) and we will buy ice cream ( with coupon) on the way home. So, the entire day typically costs us under $75.00 for a family of 4 at 6 Flags.

What great deals are you getting for this summer? My summer is booked with great adventures at such small costs. This one 6 Flags is the most expensive one for the summer.


Jess said...

We're getting the "Fun Passport" book with Madison-area activities at B1G1 (and a free child's haircut with adult purchase - pays for the book right there :o) Also will use the B1G1 Little Amerricka ticket coupons and other Entertainment B1G1 coupons for the Dells. I'm looking forward to a super-fun summer!

Frugalmommie said...

Hey Jess,
When I was at the Henry Vilas Zoo Birthday Party, They were passing out black coupon PASSPORT books. They had alot of discounts. But your book sounds better!

I would love if you keep me updated on what you do this summer.

So far, we have:
*Heritage Days, Complete Free
*6 Flags, Free Admission for the entire family, pay for food and parking
*The Dells, Unsure of what we will do, depends on what is in our Season Opener passports, but I do have 2 free children's admissions to Noah's Ark and a BOGO for an adult admission. Camping is cheap because I do to my parents campground.
*Brewer Game, Save the BP Gas Card Coupons and get free tickets, pay $5.00 for Ticket Handling and parking. I pack food.
* Art Museum, My friend has a family pass, so it's free for us to go.
*Madison Children's Museum, I have my ASTC membership, so it's free admission and I pay parking.
* Our city does Thursday Concerts in the Park. We attend as many as we can. All free.
*ASTC membership allows us to go to the Milwaukee Public museum for free too. So, we may do that as well. Again we have to pay for parking.

We plan on having a busy summer! I also have a free family pass to Betty Brinn Children's Museum, but I may sell that. AND I have 7 free Hockey Tickets!! So that will be something we do in fall!!

Nina W. said...

We just did the Season Opener Cards for five days in the Dells. Did the Ducks twice, Circus World, mini golf, and a bunch of other things. Am working on figuring out how much we saved and will let you (and your readers ;-) ) know!

Frugalmommie said...

I will be using the Dells Opener books this month yet. The first year we did it, we saved over $500 in admission! It was great. We packed picnic lunches every day! Our photographs were our souvenirs ( much better than plastic trinkets and stuff! :) and we really made some great memories!!

I would love to hear how you did!!

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