Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Double Double Trip at Pick N Save...the good, the bad and the ugly!!!

Whew, what an adventure to Pick N Save today.

The good news is that I spent $54.91 on $257.96 worth of groceries! It was 7 transactions (70 double coupons).

The bad new is that there was a man there who HOARDED everything he could. He was a shelf clearer and I noticed him using coupons on items that weren't on the coupon! ( I knew because I had the same coupon and was trying to buy items and he was grabbing other items not on the coupon). This is the ultimate frusteration for me! Please don't shelf clear ( unless there is like 2 on the shelf!) Share this fun with others. Please don't misuse coupons. The manufactures will lower the values and shorten the time frames OR just not print coupons at all!

The ugly news was that there was a SEVERE thunderstorm and in the middle of shopping, we were ushered into the dairy cooler while the storm came through! Cars were damaged, trees went was crazy! We had to drive home around a police stop because a tree fell on a car!

So, now, I have a picture of my first trip, not my second.

Okay, this was not a menu trip, just a stockpile trip.

Transaction one:
43 2pks of Beef Burittos, Free after coupon
1 Dinomial Crush Cup Yogart 4 pk, Free after coupon
1 tub of Country Crock Butter, $3.45, $1.00 double coupon
12 packs of Buddig Lunch Meats, .69 cents each, $1.00/4 double coupon
2 packs of Cheese Franks, $1.99 each, $1.00/2 double coupon
4 DiGiorno Pizzas, On sale $2.50, $1.00 off each coupons
1 Kids Meal Ravioli, $2.19, $1.00 double coupons
Total: $32.85
Total after coupons:$7.85

Transaction two:
5 jars of Ragu. $2.09, used a $1.00 off one jar coupon that doubled
6 cans of Chef Boyardee Speghetti, .93 cents each, .50 cents off each
4 cans of Fancy Feast, Free after coupon
4 cans of Friskies, Free after coupons
2 packs of String Cheese, $1.00 on sale
2 4pks of Crush Cups, Free after coupon
2 boxes of Mrs. T's Perogies, $2.69, $1.00 double coupon
3 pounds of Chicken Breasts, $6.00 on sale
Total: $39.03
Total after coupons: $13.47

Transaction 3:
10 boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight Noodles, $1.99, $1.00 double coupon
1 pack of Dannon Crush Cups, Free after coupons
1 2pk of Beef Burritos, Free after coupons
1 pack of Cottelle Wipes, Free after coupons
Total: $27.73
After coupons: $2.14
I knew it should have been free, so I reread the reciept when I got home and I found out that they charged me for a noodles I didn't buy!

Transaction 4:
10 Oscar Mayer Lunchables, $2.39 on sale, $1.00 double coupons
1 bag of OreIda Sweet Potatoe Fries, Free after coupon
1 4pk of Dannon Crush Cup Yogart, Free after coupon
Total: 28.60
Total after coupons: $3.45

Then, after my husband come home from work..we went back for another trip..that is when the bad weather happened.

Tranaction Five:
5 Jimmy Deans Breakfast Bowls, $2.00 on sale, .75 cent double coupon
2 boxes of Garden Delight Noodles, $1.99, $1.00 off double coupon
2 boxes of Jimmy Dean Griddle Corn Dogs, On clearance $2.50, had a .75 cents off coupon that doubled
1 box of Tyson Chicken Wings, $3.00, had a $1.00 off coupon that doubled.
1 bog of Frigo Cheese Sticks, on clearance $2.33, I had a .50 cent off coupon
Total: $26.22
Total after coupons: $9.24

Transaction Six:
1 14 pound box of cat litter
1 small box of cat food, $2.69, I had a $2.00 coupon
3 Kids Meals, $2.19, $1.00 off double coupon
6 bags of Whiskas Cat Treats, $1.99, $1.00 off coupon that doubled
4 cans of Friskies, .51 cents on sale, had a BOGO coupon
1 bag of Sugar
2 pounds of pears, on sale
Total: $35.66
After coupons: $12.32

Transaction seven:
3 Oscar Mayer Lunchables, $2.39, $1.00 double coupon
4 boxes of Rozoni's Garden Delight Noodles, $1.99, $1.00 double coupon
2 Jimmy Deans Corn Dogs, on clearance $2.49, I had a .75 cents off coupon
3 bags of Frigo Cheese Sticks, on clearance $2.33, I had .50 cents off coupons
Total: 26.90
Total after coupons: $6.44

I am TIRED and it's been a great day. Tomorrow is the last day of school for our school district, so it's going to go fast!


pennyscents said...

I was chaperoning a F/Trip, so I was not able to do dbl daze yesterday, but of well. I know there is another one on 6/25th, and spending the day with my kids was a lot more important to me than double coupons. I missed one, but there will be more! :) Good haul for you, but...I wanted to ask you where you were able to get the $1.00 off 1 jar Ragu coupons? Those could go very nicely with the wags Unilever deal that is going on next week. TTYL! Penny :)

Frugalmommie said...

You are sooo right, there will be other deals!

I got the Ragu coupons from Dollar General. They were on a tear pad. They said Manufactures coupon. They were a good deal because I needed spaghetti sauce!

Glad you got to enjoy a field trip!

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