Monday, February 8, 2010

Walgreens trip!

Okay, Isaid am not going grocery shopping for awhile...but I had to run to Walgreens to get my son some medicine he is now required to take daily. Since they had the free after RR body wash, I decided to do some I was half right this morning when I wrote my post. I don't plan on grocery shopping, but I didn't want to pass by these deals...

Transaction One:
1 bottle of medicine $9.99
1 bottle of Men's Dove Body Wash $5.00 - 1.50 coupon ( home mailer)
1 small car for my son who was a good boy at the doctors office!

Total with Tax:$17.69
After coupons: 9.19 and got a $6.00 RR back

Transaction Two:
5 Mennan Deo. On sale for $1.00 had .50 cents off coupons for each ( Sunday Paper coupons)
1 package of Toilet Paper, on sale $3.99, had a $1.00 off coupon ( Sunday Paper)
3 Bottles of Soda ( YES SODA!) On sale for $1.33, had $1.00 off coupons ( from Recycle Bank Coupons)
1 Bottle of Dish Washing Liquid, IVC .99 and I had a .30 off coupon (Sunday paper)
1 Bottle of Gilette Body Wash, $3.33
1 Gilette Deo., On sale for $3.99, had a coupon for free Gilette Body wash with the purchase of the Deo., Also had a $1.50 RR.

Total with Tax: $23.48
After Coupons and RR from Transaction 1: $6.35 and I got a $1.50 RR back from the deoderant

Transaction 3 and 4:
1 bottle of Dove Men's Body Wash, $1.50 coupon
Total after coupons: $4.82 each and I got 2 $6.00 RR's for next time.

So, Total OOP is $25.18, I got $19.50 in RR's ( Used one in Transaction 2 so I have a balance of $13.50 in RR's).  Also, $10.00 was my son's medicine so that wasn't in the grocery budget, that was in the medical budget. :)

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