Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Small Shopping Trip and other frugal notes.

I wanted to use up my Freebie Coupons, so I ran and picked up just a few things.

They had the Quaker Deal where you buy 5 Quaker Products and get a $5.00 gift card.  I wanted to pick up the Quaker Express Cups that are included in the deal. Those are $1.02 and so you spend $5.10 and get $5.00 gift card back. Well, they didn't have the right flavor, Brown Sugar. So, I went to customer service, I asked if there was any way they would honor the deal with the other flavor. I know that the advertisment said no rain checks. The customer service rep said that they can't give me the $5.00 Gift Card but she would give me $5.00 off instant coupon. So, I walked out with 5 oatmeal cups for .10 cents!! Target is not a store I typically use due to customer no-service, but I have to say the woman was very nice and customer friendly! WAY TO GO TARGET!!!

The I went to Frank's County Market. I had signed up for their frequent shopper card. They sent me a coupon for a free milk. I also had my Free Oreo Coupon from the Facebook Promo. I found bananas .19 cents a pound. I bought a few pounds and will make banana chips with them. So, OOP was $1.32.

Then my husband stopped at Sentry on the way home from his errands. Sentry had butter .99 a pound, 5 pound bag of potatoes .99 cents and chicken breast $1.49 a pound. My price break on chicken breast is $1.50 a pound so we stocked up and bought $8.00 in chicken. :) Total OOP: $12.39.

That will have to keep us going again, along with my stockpile, because we are almost done paying my dental bill and putting away more money into savings. :)

For the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps, we are almost complete with Step 3!!! We did our taxes last night and we will be paying a small amount on State, but getting some money back on Federal, so that will go into our savings and give us our 3 months expenses!!

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