Saturday, December 26, 2009

Start planning...

Well, Christmas is over..but the retailers still want you business. Today many people will head out to the store to get those deals. Most Christmas items will be 50 to 75% off. I am lucky this year. There is nothing I need to buy. Typically I pick up gift wrap and to/from stickers. Last year, I got stuff 90% off so I stockpiled, which means I don't have to buy anything. I found To/From Stickers for 5 cents a package at Walgreens last year, so I bought the whole stack! I still have gift wrap in the package. I will just save it another year. This year, many more people will be out there looking for deals due to the economy. Make sure you know your price points. Gift wrap should be cheap before you buy it. 50% off the full price on wrapping paper isn't always a good deal. Other things to look for are things you can use during the year. I know places like Target will have Christmas pictured paper towels, napkins and ziploc bags and Christmas packaged Klennex and Clorox wipes in holiday themed bottles. Those type of items you can use coupons on along with the store clearance and get some great deals!! Then stockpile them and use the items throughout the year. No one cares if your Clorox wipes have a Christmas pictured wrapper. :)

Also, look for discounted snacks. Many stores will clearance out the crackers shaped like snowflakes or the red and green M&M's. Well, the crackers you can eat even if they are snowflake shaped. The M&M's you can open them up, seperate the red and green into bags.  Freeze. Then, use can use the red candies to decorate for Valentines Day and the Green ones you can save for St. Pat's day candy. :)  Look for soda packaged in Christmas Packaging, many times it's on sale too.

Also, Look for clearance toys and gift. I have already bought for my son's birthday in march. Due to the sales, free shipping offers and clearance. I was able to get him 4 toys for under $20.00. So, his birthday gifts are bought. :) Keep your eyes open for gifts for other people. Keep your prices to under 75% so that your dollar will go farther.

So, be creative...have fun...hope you don't have too many Christmas returns.  Remember living frugally is knowing when to buy and when to save and wait. I have turned it into a life's game!. How much can I put away in my savings account? IS it better to buy this item or save the money? How can I make this money stretch the most.

Also, be careful...Just because it's 50% off doesn't mean it's a great deal. Today I was at Target. They had 50% off the board games. But, full price they were $14.99, so half off was $7.50. These are the same games I picked up BEFORE Christmas for $3.50! Also, if wrapping paper is $4.99, 50% off is not a good deal. Wait. There will be better sales.

I hope you make your upcoming 2010 the best frugal year for you! By being frugal, you can limit the amount of stress the bad economy has on your family.

Stay frugal everyone!!!

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