Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Rewards Programs gives you free soda!

There is a new rewards program and when you sign up you can cash in the points right away. These coupons are snail mailed to you. I don't know how long it takes.
Go to Recycle Bank

Once you have signed up click on “Get Rewards”

Log In. You get 100 pts for signing up.

Then go to the left and select the “grocery & food” category on the left-hand side- click on beverages you can get a $1 off any coke product for 10 points - you can get 10 for the 100 points you earned signing up - add it to your cart and checkout. They will mail the coupons. Then when you shop, find a sale on 2 liter bottles and stockpile!! OR, they have coupons for BOGO Huggies Wipes, or Seventh Generation dish soap or many other items!! Enjoy!!


pennyscents said...

do you know how you continue to accumulate points? I signed up, and put my address in. I do recycle, but how do they know how much I recycle at the curb? I know that you can send in used electronics for points too. I do not have any of that, though. I am just interested in receiving points for the curbside recycling, as they call it on the site.

Frugalmommie said...

HI Penny,
I don't know how you continue to accumulate points. I will have to do some research and let you know.
Happy New Year!

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