Saturday, December 29, 2012

After Christmas Deals...what did you find??

Who went and picked up any Christmas Deals??

I went to Target first. I found the AXE gift sets on clearance and used my $3.75 coupon. My husband was happy with that. I also found Transformer / Colgate Christmas Sets. This box came with 2 kids Transformer Toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste for $1.49!!  The box had Christmas advertising but the actual packaging didn't. I picked up 6 of them. My son will now have a toothbrushes for a long time. Also, in the Dollar Spot, I found gift wrap for .50 cents a roll. It was silver with blue, pink, purple, green, light green and red dots on it. I will save that for birthday gift wrap. It was cute.

I also found a big Lego Playset on clearance for $24.00 ( not a huge deal but 30% off). My son's birthday is in March. So, that gift is bought. :)

Then I went dollar store. Not much there BUT they did have a box of free card envelopes, which is perfect because my daughter got a bunch of stamp kits with cards to make!!!

Then I went to Walgreens. I got a huge roll of gift wrap for $1.00 ( save for next year) and some christmas to/from labels on clearance.

I am set for next year on wrap, tags and ribbon. :)

What did you all find? Any good steals??


Jennifer Pittman said...

I have managed to leave my coupons at home every time I go shopping! I hit Target a couple of days ago and everything was 50% off. I bought 3 rolls of wrapping paper (which I shouldn't have bought bc Michaels was cheaper!), 2 ornaments, and a Pokemon figure set for a late Christmas present. I meant to get it FOR Christmas but forgot! At Michaels I found a pretty holiday wicker basket for $7 (origionally $25), a few ornaments to paint next year for 50c each. I also bought some scrapbooking supplies and didn't spend over $26! The 12x12 album was $1.99. I am thinking about going and getting the rest of them. I can use them to make Christmas presents next year. Or even start it for mother's day presents and each gift giving holiday give a new page. At Walgreens I picked up a tree topper for $5, Playboy fragrance set for $7, and Curve fragrance set for $9. Wal-Mart I picked up a wreath for $10 - again something I should have picked up at Michaels.

Frugalmommie said...

12 by 12 album for $1.99!! FANTASTIC!!! I found some cute small kids bubble baths for .29 cents at Walgreens yesterday. I am going to put them away from Easter Basket Stuffers.
I have a cabinet in the basement where I put gifts. It's a nice Rubbermaid with doors. I think the fragrance gift sets at a great idea!!

What percent off is Michaels???

Anyone know what percent off Hobby Lobby is??

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