Saturday, November 17, 2012

$230.63 worth of groceries for $87.54

Whew! Pick N Save had Super Doubles today and I wanted to get out there and shop! It took a long time, but I did get 8 transactions done. I won't list everything but I will list some of the better buys!!

The best deals were:
*Bagged Veggies for $1.00 a bag, buy 25 bags and get $5.00 RR on your next shopping purchase. ( I used it on another transaction)
*But 6 for 15 dollars, including snack bars/ fruit snacks/ etc from Betty Crocker, Nature Valley, Mott's, etc and get a free Milk and Free Eggs ( this was great because the milk coupon was for $4.50 max and the milk was $3.59, so there was overage. And the eggs coupon was for $2.00 and the eggs were $2.39 for 18 count.)
* Chex cereal was on sale for $1.78. I had coupons for $1.00 off of two, making them .78 cents a box.
* International Delight ( If you printed the coupon from my previous post) was $2.19 and the dollar coupon doubled making it .19 cents.
*Yoplait Simplaits were .79 cents and I had a .30 coupon that doubled. So, I paid .19 cents each after coupon.
*Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs on sale for $1.50 each, I had .50 off coupons that doubled. Paid .50 cents a pack for hot dogs.
*Eggo Waffles were $2.20 on sale. I had a $1.00 coupon that doubled, paid .20 cents for the box of waffles.

Free Items after coupons were:
*Roundy's can of soup
*Country Crock Butter
*Keebler Cookies
*Fiber Plus Bars
*Eggs ( 12 count)
*Huggies Wipes
*Milky Way Candy Bar
*Marisoba Noodle Soups
*Loaf of Split Top Wheat Bread

This was a stockpile trip, not a menu trip. I will be looking into our food supply and see what we need to plan a menu. Happy Shopping everyone! I hope you all found great deals!!!

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