Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...

How many of you have New Years Resolutions? I know that they don't always stick but I really want mine to stick this year. After paying off all our debt in Dec. 2009, we decided (well my husband more decided) to buy his dream car. So, we have a 3 year loan on it. For 2011, I will like to get it paid down or even paid off by the end of the year. I also want to get our emergency fund padded again. Right now, it's not at the full amount. I need it full by June because I work in a school district and I don't get paid for summer. Which means I have to have money for the summer bills.

So my goal is...
1. Get that red car paid off by the end of 2011.
2. Get the emergency fund fully funded again by June 2011.

How am I going to reach my goal...
1. Pay extra on the monthly payments all year. I will need to pay an extra $125 a month to slash the debt in half or $250 if I want to pay it all off. I will look at my budget and figure out what is reasonable. I will cut back on spending, eating out and buying things for the kids ( no more toys, games, etc. THEY HAVE PLENTY!)
2. I will put $200 in the emergency fund and all my rebate checks in the emergency fund each month. I will also put any tax refund I get into the emergency fund.

I will reach my goal by..
1. Dec. 2011
2. June. 2011

My last goal is to organize my stockpile, so that I can see what I have and what I need to get through the year without overspending. I want to have a big rummage sale ( I say that every year). I had about a $250 rummage sale last year, and that money went towards summer groceries. It lasted for 2 months. So, If I have another rummage sale, I would have the grocery money covered for summer.

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? Please share yours! I would love to hear your goals, dreams and plans for 2011!!


Chris said...

My resolution is to get organized. We sometimes purchase so many great deals but don't realize that we already own it. Sometimes we don't need to purchase another and it ends up costing us more money in the long run.

I would also like to give more back to charity this year.

God has blessed us so many ways in our lives and we would like to be able to give back more.

Frugalmommie said...

Those are AWESOME resolutions! I love those ideas!!

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