Sunday, September 26, 2010

WOO HOO!! Cashed in Surveys for $8.00!

I have to share with my readers how quickly Opinion Outpost paid out.  I just joined Opinion Outpost about 3 weeks ago. You sign up and do surveys. Once you have 50 points, you can cash out. 10 points equals $1.00. I did several surveys and gathered 80 points. So, I just cashed out!

Are you interested in doing surveys and getting paid? You can follow this LINK, sign up and get started! I am surprised at how quickly the points added up!


pennyscents said...

How much time do you think you spent on the surveys in the past 3 weeks?

Frugalmommie said...
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Frugalmommie said...

sorry..the other post had a spelling error and it wouldn't allow me to edit it. :(

What I tried to say was that I did 3 full surveys, about 2 hours spent registering, doing surveys and filling out my profile.

You get $1.00 for each 10 points you get, which is great! It's not a paycheck, You can't retire on this money, but it's extra income I can put into our savings. :)

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