Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trip To Pick N Save

Gret Shopping Day! Pick and Save had their Double up to 10 coupons day, so out I went with coupon binder in hand!!

My transaction:
Roundy's potatoe chip, on sale for $1.99, Store coupon made them .89 cents
Roundy's Sugar , $2.69
Roundy's White Bread, on sale for .88 cents
1 box of Speghetti noodes, on sale with store coupon for .48 cents
Kraft's Home style Mac and Cheese, $2.99, Free First Taste Coupon
Nestle Quick Syrup, on sale for $1.74, bought 2 and used a $1.00 off double coupon
2 Ortega taco seasonings, .99 cents each, used a 2/$1.00 coupon that doubled, so they were free
1 Kool Aid Fizz, $1.99, Free coupon from Kraft First Taste
2 Jello Black Berry, on clearance .48 cents, had BOGO coupon
Ritz Crackerfuls, $2.89, Free Coupon from Kraft First Taste
1 package of English Muffins, on sale $1.99, have store coupon making it .88 cents
2 bags of Synder's Butter Snap Pretzels, $2.39 on sale and I had a 2/$1.00 coupon that doubled, so I paid $1.39 for each bag. Not the best deal, but I LOVE these! :)
1 bag of Roundy's Mixed Veggies, on sale for $1.25, had store coupon, making them .88 cents
1 box of Kahiki Egg Rolls, $3.29, I had a $1.00 the doubled
3 boxes of El Monterey Tornandos, $2.22 on sale, had $1.00 coupons that doubled, making them .22 cents a box
Diginaro Pizza, $3.19, Free coupon from Kraft First Taste
Oscar Mayer Ham Lunch Meat, Free Coupon from Kraft Free Taste
2 Oscar Mayer Ham Deli Creations, $2.79, had $1.00 off coupons that doubled, making them .79 cents each
2 pounds of bananas, .39 cents a pound
2 pounds of grapes, .99 cents a pound
1 pound of tomatoes, .99 cents a pound
1 head of lettuce, .99 cents a pound
1 pound of strawberries, $1.25 a box
5 cups of dannon yougart, .61 cents each, Free coupons
4 Dannon Danino, on sale for $2.00 each.,2 Free coupons and two coupons at $1.50 off
4 Fiber One Yogart 4 pack, $2.00 on sale, I had BOGO coupons
2 Gallons of Milk, On sale 2 for $5.00, I had a $1.00 off coupon that doubled, making the gallon of milk $1.50 a gallon!
1 dozen eggs, .68 cents a dozen
Kraft 100 calorie cheese bites, $2.00, Free after Kraft First Taste Coupon
Total for Transaction BEFORE sale prices and coupons: $96.91
After sales and coupons: $29.79
I also earned .30 cents on my fuel perks card, so I was able to get a tank of gas on the way home for underr $25.00!! WOO HOO!
It doesn't look like a lot of meal items, and it isn't. But, money is very tight right now and I used all    the free coupons I had. We can make the Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese for lunch, the yogart will be breakfast and snacks. The fruit will be the same; breakfast and lunch. Lunch meat and bread will be for lunch sandwiches. I didn't buy much dinner foods. We will have tacos 2 nights, but they will be chicken tacos, since we are out of ground turkey. We will also have meatless speghetti. We still have enough stockpile chicken and ham for about 2 months. So we will be eating alot of that! I am not going to write out a menu right now, because I really have to go through my stockpile. The good news is that I haven't been shopping much and so with my husband's next check, I will do a major shopping trip ( I hope!).

Happy Shopping! Stay Frugal!!


David said...

I checked with you yesterday about how the coupons worked at Pick n Save. So I gave it a try for the first time. My total before discounts and coupons was $88.78 and after was $46.95. I purchased some bigger items such as 8 O'Clock coffee ($12.00) discount to $9.99 and had a coupon for $1 and doubled it. Also bought some meat items and cereal. I was pretty happy for a novice. Thanks for the coaching. Kindest Regards,

Frugalmommie said...

David! That was great! It was about 50%! WOW! My goal when I shop with doubles is to do 60% off so you did awesome!! Please understand that when you see those coupon queens on the TV that get groceries for 90% off, that is not their everyday trips! Those trips are planned well in advance and typically they go to a triple coupon store..their results are not typical! to hit the double coupon sale and get 50% YOU DID WONDERFUL!! GREAT JOB!!!

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