Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quick Trip today....

First I went to Walgreens and did the PepsiCo deal, go tthe $10.00 RR back.

Second, Went to Aldi's, Picked up 4 pounds a bananas and 1.5 pounds of Tomatoes, $3.81

Third went to Loglis. They had the 89cent meat sale, so I picked up

8 Microwave Noodle Meals
1 clearance coffee creamer
1 cooking spray
4 packs of Friskies Cat Treats
6 mashes potatoe pouches
1 chicken fryer (4 pounds)
1 container of Sour Cream
2 bottles of Barqs Root Beer
6 pounds of Port Roast
4 pounds of Port shoulder
3 bars of Soap
2 pouches of mashed potatoes
2 cans of soup
3 packages of Rice
2 tubs of butter
1 head of lettuce
Total: $56.53
After Coupons:$26.53

$26 isn't bad when you consider i got a 4 pound chicken and 10 pounds of Pork! :)

Stay Frugal!

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