Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Shopping Trip for me at Walgreens

Yesterday, I went to pick up some vitamins I need to buy. With my receipt, I got a coupon for $5.00 off your next $20.00 purchase. But it expired in one day! ( TODAY!) So, I thought I would look at the ad and see if it was worth using. I decided it was and this is what I picked up.

4 boxes of Post Cereal.
They were on sale for 2/$5.00 and I had a $1.00 off each box coupon, and you get 1000 Balance Rewards points when you buy 4.
4 cans of Progresso Soup.
They were on IVC for 4/$5.00. I had 3 manu. coupons. One for .50 cents off and 2 for .25 cents off, and you get 1000 balance rewards when you buy 4.
Then I wanted to buy the olives, which were .99 cents with coupon and you get 250 points for buying 5. But they only had 3 on the shelf. So I figure RAIN CHECK.
Then I found nylons on clearance for .89 cents a pair and I could use those for work. So, I picked up 6..that means I would go over the $20.00 for my $5.00 off coupon.

I get up to the register and here is what happened.

The cashier rang up the items, and I asked for a rain check for the olives. Her manager came by on told me I could have the 3 cans of olives on the shelf for the .99 cents and for my inconvenience he would give me 300 points instead of the 250 I would have received! YEAH!

So, I got
4 boxes of  Post Cereal
4 cans of Progresso Soup
6 packs of Nylons
and 3 cans of Olives
 for $13.54 after coupons and discount sales. That is 17 items for .79 cents each!!

I also got 2,300 ( equal to $2.30) back in reward points that I can cash in for next time!!! :)  :)

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