Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stockpile Trip to the Pet Store and how to save money on your pet

As many of you know, I have several cats. Pets can be expensive, especially when they become older.  Every year, my local pet shop has a Once a Year sale. They have great prices, coupons from the store and manufactures that can be combined. They get donations from all their vendors. They get the different animal shelters to be there. They clearance all the miscellaneous items. They have coffee, snacks and fun!

So, I spent $167.00.

I got 500 pounds of cat litter ( enough for 6 to 8 months), 59 cans of cat food, 30 pounds of cat food, and 6 cat toys. That should last me about 6 months of cat food and litter. That comes to about $28.00 a month for 6 months for all my cats ( I have a few). 

Since I want to keep my costs down. I grow my own cat nip. I keep milk rings and toilet paper tubes for cat toys. And I buy cheap fleece baby blankets at rummages for the animals bedding. I also bought after Christmas a few long plastic bins that you store rolls of wrapping paper. You can use those as big litter boxes in the basement. It gives the cats plenty of space to go and it makes it easy to scoop up. I got a cute wicker laundry basket when I was curbside shopping one day, I have layered that with a few free baby blankets and that has been one of their cat beds. The only thing I haven't gotten that I wanted, is a cat tree. I am still searching for that perfect tree on craigslist and freecycle. The problem is I want a specific size and shape.
Understand that I am picky about their cat food. I don't buy the grocery store food because of the grain fillers. My cats get the expensive grain free food, so when I can stockpile like this I do!!!

Send my love to all your furbabies,

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