Friday, June 1, 2012

End of the month notes....

It's the end of the month and the start of a new month..time to clean out those binders....Happy Summer!!!

I found out I was low on my stock pile of laundry soap, so I found Menard's had Laundry Soap for $1.50 for their 30 load bottles. I bought 10 bottles and used my rebates checks, so no out of pocket expenses. I now have laundry soap for the entire summer.

Also, I did go to Logli's and do the triple coupons. After their clearance prices and sales, my bill was $90.74 after the triple coupons it was $55.81.  My best find was Ink Cartridges for my printer. They were on Clearance for $2.00!!!!! So, I bought all 6 of them and can you image what they would have cost if I bought 6 all at once! I will have enough ink for the summer!
I also stopped at Woodmans. I used the SunDrop coupons to get the free SunDrop and also my free Small Steps TP. I also found a great deal on Grand Jr. Biscuits! .33 cents each!! They were the Honey and Butter flavor, the other flavors are full price. I got 10 cans. I found this deal because some guy was FILLING his cart with cans of biscuits and I got curious and went over to check out what he was doing. Glad I did. Mydaughter loves these biscuits!!!

Overall, we are still not doing many big shopping trips.  We are living more off of stockpile and being creative in our meal planning.

Here comes summer!!

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